Shack II – Good Friday at the Basilica of Saint Mary. “God” Among Us.

SEE COMMENTS AT THE END OF THIS POST. In my tradition, today is Easter. Whatever your tradition, this day, all best for a happy one! (click to enlarge) March 17 at this space, I posted about the film and movie, The Shack. You can revisit it here. At the beginning of that post, I very […]

#1045 – Dick Bernard: On "Warriors" and "American Heroes". Remembering First Sergeant Strong

(click to enlarge) If one follows national politics at all, one staple is obvious: the cult of American superiority as played out by its military “warriors” and “heroes”. It has most recently erupted in the Republican political debate, largely brandished by candidates and members of the political echo chamber who never served in the military, […]

#917 – Dick Bernard: The Hermit as Metaphor for US. With Comments from Wilhelm and George about Israel-Gaza and the Ukraine-Russia situation.

My summer has taken on something of a theme: most of my thinking, and a great deal of my time, has related to an old farm 310 miles away. My Aunt Edithe, born there in 1920, died in February; and her brother, my Uncle Vince, is in Nursing Home Care and no longer can even […]

#731 – Dick Bernard: Remembering a Wedding 50 Years Ago Today, June 8, 1963

A short while back came an invitation to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Jules and Sharon (Alinder) Dragland: click on Dragland. They went to the same college as I, at the same general time, and while we didn’t know each other personally, then, we’ve become acquainted through a college alumni mailing list. I asked […]

#709 – Dick Bernard: The Boston Marathon

Yesterday morning, before 9 a.m., I was at the gym exercising at my usual place. Behind me, visible in the mirror, were two women, exercising beside each other and quite loudly chatting. One of them mentioned to the other that her husband was in Boston, running the Marathon, checking in from time to time. A […]

#678 – Dick Bernard: Anniversary of a Retirement

It was thirteen years ago today, January 18, 2000, that my staff colleagues at Education Minnesota bid me adieu at my retirement after 27 years attempting to do my best to represent teachers in a collective bargaining state. I was not yet 60 when I cleaned out my office, handed in my keys and walked […]

#603 – Dick Bernard: End of a week after the Aurora massacre during Dark Knight Rises. Part Three

When I awoke last Friday morning, and saw the first news of the carnage at the movie theatre in Aurora CO, the first thing that came to mind was the horror at Columbine High School in 1999. It became the basis for my post one week ago today. As I write media is beginning to […]

#599 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts in the immediate wake of Aurora CO

UPDATE: Followup posts here and here. Out and about this afternoon I noticed that Dark Knight Rises is playing at our local Woodbury Theatre, and the parking lot was packed. What these two facts might mean, I don’t know. The front page of the Variety section of this mornings Minneapolis Star Tribune gave the film […]

#196 – Dick Bernard: Lindsay and Jeffrey's Wedding

Okay, okay. Here’s a slide show of a wedding with 84 slides, and I took them all. (Simply click on the first photo in the group, and then you can play this as a slide show, as you wish.) Do cut me some slack. After all, it was granddaughter Lindsay’s wedding, June 4, 2010, at […]

#9 – Tom Bernard: Columbine 10 years ago, and 10 years after

Note from Dick Bernard: On April 20, 1999 – it was a Tuesday – I was at a meeting in suburban Minneapolis. Driving back to my office after the meeting, on the car radio, I heard about some shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton CO. I didn’t know anything about Columbine, but I knew […]