#145 – James Nelson: Reflections on the Copenhagen Climate Summit

UPDATE January 8, 2010, by James Nelson: On December 17th, the day I left Copenhagen, a 22 minute film was debuted concerning wide scale revegetation in developing countries. They talk about trees but they primarily use shrubs and deep rooted grasses. The film is entitled “Hope in a Changing Climate“. The case studies are from […]

#137 – Dick Bernard: "Climate" vs "Weather": A matter of huge consequence.

From time to time I’ll add updates to the end of this post. For other blog entries on Climate, see “Climate Change” under Categories. For current information, see International Panel on Climate Change. Early yesterday morning came a brief e-mail from someone who reads these posts: “…if the world doesn’t limit global warming to 1.5 […]

#53 – Bob Barkley: Fact vs Theory

I play golf at a private club where those I play with, quite predictably, are predominately conservative to right-wingers.  And I am the vocal counter agent to all of their views.  Many of them would be surprised, however, at how many of the silent ones come up to me privately and encourage me not to […]

#41 – Dick Bernard: Lobbying

I watch commercial television infrequently, usually local and national news programs in the early evening.  Some times I’m stuck with it, as when we draw baby-sitting duty and some kids channel is on. For a lot of years I totally boycotted the medium (I didn’t lose anything; on the other hand, it was probably over-kill […]

#34 – Bruce Fisher, Carol Ashley: The Conversation about Climate Change

A reader comment follows this post. Note from Moderator: On the local evening news on June 1, the weatherman noted that May, 2009, was one of the driest on record, exceeded only by May, 1934, a year of great drought.  Is May, 2009, just an unusual month of weather, or a looming manifestation of serious […]