#63 – Jim Reed and Carol Ashley: Comments on the American narrative and the demonization of words

This is post #7 of 13.  The others: July 24, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, August 2,5,6,7,10,15. Moderators note: During the posting of this Health Care Reform series, a number of individuals wrote me on various aspects of the problem.  James Reed and Carol Ashley had two quite different takes on the target (my opinion) […]

#52 – Dick Bernard/Carol Ashley: Views on Economic Stimulus

UPDATE:  Carol Ashley joined this conversation July 11 (her substantial contribution follows the initial post.)  This will be held open till July 21, 2009.  Dick Bernard: This is the first blog post I have specifically posted in Draft form.  I solicit specific, brief,  comments to my regular e-mail address.  When this paragraph is removed, the Draft […]

#34 – Bruce Fisher, Carol Ashley: The Conversation about Climate Change

A reader comment follows this post. Note from Moderator: On the local evening news on June 1, the weatherman noted that May, 2009, was one of the driest on record, exceeded only by May, 1934, a year of great drought.  Is May, 2009, just an unusual month of weather, or a looming manifestation of serious […]

#19 – Carol Ashley: Chris Martenson's "Crash Course"

Dick Bernard: On April 7, my friend John sent me an e-mail, as follows: “My son Joel sent this to me. It is fascinating and disturbing. http://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse/ You should check out this website and his seminar (several youtube videos embedded on the site). It touches on and brings together the topics of finance, national debt, […]