Shack II – Good Friday at the Basilica of Saint Mary. “God” Among Us.

SEE COMMENTS AT THE END OF THIS POST. In my tradition, today is Easter. Whatever your tradition, this day, all best for a happy one! (click to enlarge) March 17 at this space, I posted about the film and movie, The Shack. You can revisit it here. At the beginning of that post, I very […]

#658 -Bob Barkley: Teaching as a Team Sport: Thoughts after the Chicago Teachers Strike (Sep 10-19, 2012); and What I've learned so far (as of Nov. 19, 2012)

Pre-Note: This post has been held for some time, with precedence given to Election 2012. The topic of Public Education is timeless and crucial. Bob Barkley has very strong “street creds” in public education, from beginning public school teaching in 1958, through years of Quality Ed work within the National Education Association, through Executive Director […]

#160 – Bob Barkley: Context and alignment are everything.

Context and alignment are everything: Context determines how we think about things, how we see things and how we see each other. It is our unconscious reality – one we create for ourselves or is created for us through marketing and such. As a result, many, no, most if not all, of us go through […]

#158 – Bob Barkley: "Useful to those in power…."

I have been reading Howard Zinn’s A Power Governments Cannot Suppress. It is a collection of his essays on a variety of topics all of which portray the benefits of civil action to reign in the powerful. About half way through there is an essay on Nationalism. In it I was struck by the term […]

#103 – Bob Barkley: The Evils of Commerce

Everything that is discovered – whether an idea or a scene – that can earn a buck will be exploited and then ruined.  That is the way of commerce in the unregulated capitalistic scheme of things.  Only the people, through their government, can control this.  And when the commercial interests themselves control the government, hope […]

#81 – Bob Barkley: The Growing Incivility of Public Discourse

A reluctant churchgoer, some power pushed me there recently as the title of the sermon was particularly poignant.  It was, “When you open your mouth.” On the same weekend there was an opinion piece in the local paper titled, “If you know you shouldn’t say it, then just don’t.” Both the sermon and the editorial […]

#74 – Bob Barkley: First do no harm

It is intriguing to observe our nation’s current on-going debate about medical care – a system that ostensibly follows the ethical principle of “first do no harm.” It seems that medical care has now digressed to an un-American and unprofessional dictum of “first do not care for the unprofitable.” How can we “first do no […]

#53 – Bob Barkley: Fact vs Theory

I play golf at a private club where those I play with, quite predictably, are predominately conservative to right-wingers.  And I am the vocal counter agent to all of their views.  Many of them would be surprised, however, at how many of the silent ones come up to me privately and encourage me not to […]

#45 – Bob Barkley: Guns and America

Moderator:  A previous writing on this general topic is at #3, published April 3, 2009. Guns: Guns are used for sport. I have absolutely no interest in such sports. But as long as my safety is not seriously threatened, I believe individuals should have the right to engage in such sports and use any reasonable […]

#24 – Bob Barkley: Power vs Force

As the transition from Bush to Obama continues, the differences between the reliance of power versus force, while subtle, are still quite substantive. I believe it is best explained in a piece I wrote in the midst of the Bush incompetence. The tension between power and force is great and often misunderstood. Much of the […]