#624 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #46 – 4000 days at War in Afghanistan

Someone has calculated that today, September 19, 2012, is the 4000th day of the beginning of the War in Afghanistan: the day the bombing began, October 7, 2001. Except for isolated demonstrations, including one this afternoon from 5-6 p.m. at the Lake Street bridge in Minneapolis, there will be little attention paid to this anniversary. […]

#454 – Dick Bernard: My Contribution to the Peace and Justice Community

Message to the assorted groups that make up the Peace and Justice community (of which I am a part): this is a time of opportunity to convey your message; but it is long past time to change tactics and strategies. Public attitudes have changed pretty dramatically, but our approach has not. We need to act […]

#397 – Dick Bernard: Day 7 of the Minnesota Shutdown; 26 days to D-Day in Washington D.C. "Compromise?"

NOTE: This is part of a continuing series which began June 23. Point your cursor at any hi-lited date on the calendar and you will see the title of that days post. I am a creature of habit. And much of my ‘habit’ involves gathering information, much of that political information. It was said that […]

#379 – Dick Bernard: Memorial Day 2011. Confusing Times

Today I will probably attend a Memorial Day observance sponsored by Veterans for Peace near the Minnesota State Capitol; I’ll wear the Buddy Poppy purchased at Hibbing from a VFW member on May 13, and a Forget-me-not purchased from a Disabled American Veteran here in Woodbury a couple of days ago. Yesterday I drove over […]

#373 – Dick Bernard: What to believe?

A friend of mine just returned from a trip to Washington DC. He and his wife had last been there in 1978. There was much new to see. They enjoyed the trip. He mentioned that their tour group visited the World War II Memorial (completed 2004). A younger member of the tour group, a college […]

#244 – Dick Bernard: Making a Disaster into a Catastrophe

It’s Saturday evening, September 11, 2010. A few hours ago, looking for something to watch on TV, I happened across the Weather Channel, which at the time was playing a program about the evacuation of Dunkirk, France, May 27 – June 3, 1940. It was an incredible rescue, thanks to a nine-day break in often […]

#223 – Going to Afghanistan

Saturday we went to a surprise party for a close relative who’s going to Afghanistan for a one-year Army assignment. The relative, a very fine man, is an engineer in civilian life, and has 23 years in the military, including active duty in the Gulf War, and for a majority of his career, primarily in […]

#211 – Dick Bernard: Creating History, "Fact" vs "Story"

“History: 1) an account of what has happened; narrative; story; tale.” Websters New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, 1979 edition July 8, about 6 p.m., I arrived at Bismarck ND, where I was to attend a French in America conference. My father was 100% French-Canadian, and I’d just completed a 500 page book on his family’s history, […]

#162 – Dick Bernard: Afghanistan

Last night I made the wise decision to attend an informative talk and ensuing conversation entitled “Afghanistan, Pakistan – and India? The Curse of Bilateralism in American Foreign Policy. Afghanistan in Regional Perspective.” The speaker, William Davnie, had extensive experience in the U.S. State Department, some of which was in the South Asia area. He, […]