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Don Singley: Kudos

PRENOTE: I infrequently post guest blogs only because such gifts seldom arrive.  (Well, they arrive, but the senders are bashful, I guess, and don’t wish to share….)  Don is a friend who I infrequently hear from, and his e-mail overnight was one of those I specifically want to share, with his permission.  How about a column […]

Heart Matter

PRE-NOTE: An outstanding film we saw yesterday: Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice * My friend, Emmett, sent a note overnight: “Hope your heart appointment went well.  Please let me know what the results were.”  The note jogs this post, which I was going to do anyway. People I know, all know I had […]

Star Wars

POSTNOTE Oct 12: A surprise comment from Carole, writing from Amman Jordan.   “I might have even flown out to protest — had I been home. But, a do a lot of that in [Washington] DC!  [Here], for fun, is a shot of the hunter moon rising tonight in Wadi Rum. POSTNOTE Oct 10:  Here is […]


Today, October 2,  is the 150th birthday of Gandhi.    Simply put his name in your internet search box for any information you may wish to seek. This morning a friend gave me this pin in honor of Gandhi: A few minutes earlier (we were all at a meeting), another friend suggested a book club […]

Impeachment Inquiry

One or two readers might be interested in my position on the current matter in Washington. Here is the relevant part of a single page letter I hand-delivered to the office of my Congressperson on September 2, 2019: “IMPEACHMENT: (SUPPORT) I strongly believe that the House of Representatives needs to deal aggressively with the impeachment… […]

Waging Peace

PRE-NOTE:  I didn’t pre-plan my blogs, but the ones for 9-11-19, 9-20-19 and 9-23-19 fit together with todays.  “Long ago” (two weeks) I didn’t factor in the phenomenal 8-night Ken Burns series on Country Music; nor the opening of the UN this week, and the Presidents dismissive comments on globalism in favor of nationalism (which […]

The United Nations 75th Year

The 75th year of the UN is 2019-2020. On October 23, at the James J. Hill House on Summit Avenue, is a very special event.  Details here: The Future We Want001.  Make it a point to attend.  Reservations needed.  Best advice: reserve soon.  Space is limited.  https://www.globalminnesota.org/event/the-future-we-want-the-un-we-need/.   RELATED NOTE: You may have already seen […]


POSTNOTE SEPTEMBER 21:  This mornings “Walk for Planet Peace” faces threatening weather, but I think I’m going to try it.  Here’s the flier: Walk for Planet Peace005.  This is part of the 10 Days Free from Violence program: 10 Days002.  Participate if you can, not only within the 10 Days, but ongoing.   * Posted […]


I viewed the new film “Official Secrets” on Saturday afternoon at the Edina Theater.  It is a film that is engrossing, and its topic is the run-up to ‘shock and awe’ in Iraq which began about the first day of spring in 2003 – a day that should live in infamy for all of us. […]

10 Days Free From Violence

Beginning on Friday, September 20, 2019 Linked here are three fliers for a now-annual event beginning next Friday, September 20, 2019.  Please open them, share them, and commit to participating in their events.  All information is available from the Twin City Nonviolent Website. 10 Days002; Twin Cities Nonviolent003; Walk for Planet Peace005 POSTNOTE from Sep […]