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PRENOTE: Last Thursday I had a unique opportunity, which I want to share.  An organization I’ve long been part of has a Third Thursday Film each month, and the offering was the film “Worth”, a 2020 Netflix release starring Michael Keaton as Ken Feinberg, about compensating the survivors of 9-11-01 victims.  The ‘drill’ for Third […]


Tonight, October 19, Vets for Peace, 21st Peacestock, on Zoom.  Details here. Fresh Energy is a recognized leader in climate change, and J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director, goes to CAP 26 in Glasgow.  She has a zoom session on October 20.  Pre-registration required.  Details here. Global Solutions MN has two interesting sessions, details for […]

The Teeter-Totter

Prenote: I encourage you to take a look at, and participate in, the upcoming Peacestock of the local Veterans for Peace.  It is next Tuesday evening.  Details here. * I published Louts a week ago, and a day later I was thinking about an old photo in the treasure trove at the ancestral farm in […]

Blessed Debt

There were a few interesting comments to my post on Louts.  Take a look, if you wish.  A Followup post, Teeter-Totter, will be this weekend. As I write, Wednesday morning, Oct 13, 2021, the chatter on the television is all from or about 90 year old William Shatner, just returned from his 3 minutes in […]

October 11, 2021

Today I was at the postoffice, simply to drop off a couple of letters.  Two ladies were wanting to do some business there, but the doors were locked, and they seemed confused.  It was Monday, after all.  I made a mindless quip: blame Columbus.  I hadn’t thought of the quip till the situation came up. […]


There are two links in this post which I hope you’ll read in their entirety. With all that is swirling around the “news” universe, this post is motivated by local action threatening local public education. This week was the week that the National School Boards Association, felt it necessary to sound the alarm to all […]

Peace and Justice

Our friend, Molly, likes to send around some favorite poems at seasons of the year.  Autumn began on September 22.  Here are her Fall selections – three pages: 2021 Fall poems.  Thank you, Molly. * A week ago I was interviewed via Zoom as one of many participants in an international DNA project.  The interview […]


Today is [Last Sunday was] the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, observed by the Catholic Church since 1914; I learned about this in an excellent column by Janice Andersen in our church newsletter, which can be read here:  Janice Andersen: An ever wider “we“.  A separate, younger observance is the United Nations World Refugee Day.  […]

Snake bit

Today I was driving in a nearby quiet neighborhood.  I was meeting another car in a street narrowed to one lane by two vehicles parked on opposite sides.  The occupant of one, a young man, was sort of a traffic cop, though that wasn’t necessary.  But it was a nice touch.  But mostly I noticed […]


My first post about the 20th anniversary of 9-11-01 is here. My personal quest is to learn from our nations experience in the last twenty years, and help make a contribution to a better world in what time I have left.  Another, possibly final, post on the topic will be published on 9-11-2021. * September […]