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My friend, Jermitt, across the way in Wisconsin, has been sending rich memories of teacher organizing days in Wisconsin.  These are, literally, a book of many chapters, a great addition to history in Wisconsin. A recent recollection, about Jermitt’s reunion with someone named Henry, got me to thinking back to my own old days in […]

Edge of the abyss….

More at July 26, August 1, 2.  Also, other posts in July, and in following days.  Check back. * Today is just another day of breaking news, following all the other days.  Today is the day millions of people will not get the $600 weekly supplement, $15 per hour.  My friend, Kathy, mentioned one of […]


Directly related posts: 100  Days; D’s As printed in my August 1 blog, “[in] June 13, 2020, I wrote a letter to a good friend my age, who I’ve known for many years, about the political times in which we’d lived, and in which we now live in the present day.  “My one statement for this […]


More at July 26, August 2 and 3 and other dates listed below, and others yet to come.  Check back.  Among 7.8 billion citizens of planet earth, 331 million in the United States, I am one.  I have 80 years of experience in my native land, the United States of America.  Everyone has their own […]

Public Education 2020-21

I encourage you to share this post with others.  Related posts: May 17, June 3, July 22 Today’s Minneapolis StarTribune headline says it all: “School districts to decide.  [Gov] Walz’s order allows online, hybrid or in-person classes“.  Now comes a month of figuring out how/what to do in Minnesota’s over 300 public school districts, for […]

A Need for Resilience

Today I made my 6th visit to the area of Minneapolis affected in the wake of George Floyd’s murder on May 25. On this day  All was quiet, save for road construction on Lake Street.  There is still lots of rubble, but it is contained and ready for removal. Today for the first time I […]

A Peace of My Mind: Cry Out

I ask you to read this Indiegogo link , and then donate to John Noltner’s project “Peace of My Mind: Cry Out”.  I highly recommend this initiative, which will be open for contributions till early September.  I’d recommend acting early, and letting others know about this through your own networks. I met John when he sat […]

100 Days

Today it is 100 days to the 2020 U.S. elections.  The Democratic Convention is Aug 17-20; the Republican Aug 24-27.  Shortly thereafter the first absentee ballots can be mailed (each state has different rules – check them for details.). The time to impact/inform is very short; and the issues compelling.  Three previous  post: Schools (July 22), […]

Playing a Very Dangerous Game

I’m just an old guy with a computer, but I try to be thoughtful about what I write.  This particular post began as a draft on Tuesday morning.  I was going to publish Friday, under the headline “Protests”.  The seeming Declaration of War by the President of the United States. attempting to divide Americans into […]


In days, the state of Minnesota will make a decision about school opening for 2020-21.  In some states, schools may already be open.  In our state, most schools open the day after Labor Day.  Usually, the ritual would be as it has always been.  This year is very different, literally and inevitably a life or […]