Rule of Law

Recently we’ve been flooded with important cases relating to the rule of law.  I’d name a few, but for certain I’d miss somebodies important one.  Take your pick.  They’re all important, and they all demonstrate how complex “law” is in a country of 330,000,000 people and a long history of some sense of democracy. In […]

The Beatles adventure

POSTNOTE Nov. 28, 2021:  Last night I finished viewing part 3 of “Get Back”.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch the entire eight hours, in three parts, on Disney Plus. All of the filming was in about one month in early 1969, almost entirely the Fab Four, all in their mid-20s: Paul McCartney […]


Yes, it’s an unusual time.  Have a great day, anyway.  Happy Thanksgiving. Here is Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation of the first national day of Thanksgiving.  This includes a further history of the day as observed in the United States.  Fr. Jim Kent of the Franciscan Retreat Center, Prior Lake MN, reflected on “The Holiday Season” in […]

“Moderate Democrat” oxymoron?

Nov. 11 I received an e-mail from someone I’ve known for many years, which included this statement: “I really don’t understand how there can be  a moderate democrat (almost an oxymoron)”. Every blog I post, here, I self-identify myself as a “moderate pragmatic Democrat” (see at right), and have done so since the first posting […]

Giving Thanks.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. Have a good Thanksgiving. Consider making your own list of the positives that you can think of in your life, this past and most momentous year. I have a favorite postcard for this day: This is part of the Busch farm “collection” – old postcards saved by my grandparents primarily between […]


If the title of this post is familiar to you, then this post might be of interest to you. As I type, 9:30 a.m., Monday Nov. 15, the Judge and the Counsel are having a civil discussion about process prior to closing arguments to the Jury in this most significant trial in Kenosha WI, before […]

Armistice Day 2021 (aka Veterans Day)

POSTNOTE Nov. 12: This mornings e-mail brought a powerful lesson from the end of WWI from Heather Cox Richardson.  You can read it here. * The annual observance of the end of WWI, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 is today.  I wasn’t around then.  Most places […]

One year ago…

Joe Biden was announced to have won the U.S. Presidency Nov. 7, 2021. Election Day was actually Nov. 3. You know how these things work in the U.S.  The false narrative will remain forever, that the election was stolen…. Millions of words have been shed before and after Nov. 3, 2020, and it appears they […]


On November 2 I said I’d report back about the election on the weekend.  I have decided to fold my comments on that into the Tuesday blog, here, about mid-point in the blog, the paragraph “My School District Results”. * Yesterday I watched/listened to the Colin Powell funeral in Washington.  I did a recent blog […]

Election Day 2021

PRE-NOTE: An outstanding book about the Pandemic, “The Premonition” by Michael Lewis. A year ago – actually it was November 3, 2020 – was the general election for the United States.  Today is the off-off-year election (duplicate word intended). If there is an election today in your town, vote well informed. I early-voted last Friday […]