Peace and Justice

Our friend, Molly, likes to send around some favorite poems at seasons of the year.  Autumn began on September 22.  Here are her Fall selections – three pages: 2021 Fall poems.  Thank you, Molly. * A week ago I was interviewed via Zoom as one of many participants in an international DNA project.  The interview […]


Today is [Last Sunday was] the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, observed by the Catholic Church since 1914; I learned about this in an excellent column by Janice Andersen in our church newsletter, which can be read here:  Janice Andersen: An ever wider “we“.  A separate, younger observance is the United Nations World Refugee Day.  […]

Snake bit

Today I was driving in a nearby quiet neighborhood.  I was meeting another car in a street narrowed to one lane by two vehicles parked on opposite sides.  The occupant of one, a young man, was sort of a traffic cop, though that wasn’t necessary.  But it was a nice touch.  But mostly I noticed […]


My first post about the 20th anniversary of 9-11-01 is here. My personal quest is to learn from our nations experience in the last twenty years, and help make a contribution to a better world in what time I have left.  Another, possibly final, post on the topic will be published on 9-11-2021. * September […]

Decay within.

Individual citizens, like myself, and you, will decide whether this experiment called the United States of America will succeed or fail.  January 6 was the first and very major wakeup call about a genuine crisis attacking our democracy.  The assault continues.  We sit idly by, and we invite disaster. Related posts: August 30 and September […]

Hunger Games

A few years ago I heard about a book then a film called “The Hunger Games”.  It didn’t much interest me.  I neither read the books, nor saw the movie. That changed Monday night: I was invited to a showing of the movie and I went. It is described as a “dystopian” novel and thus […]