President Biden’s remarks on leaving Afghanistan August 31, 2021.  Here’s some commentary about it: Just Above Sunset: Some Explaining. More About 9-11:  post of September 6, 2021 * I’ll click ‘publish’ on this when August 31 begins in Afghanistan, 9 hours before Minnesota.  The intention of this post is strictly to encourage each reader to […]

The Peace Pole.

Thursday’s post, Seeing Ike, began with some comments about Afghanistan, but I said not a single word about the terrorist attacks on the same day.  Why?  Very simply, when I wrote the piece – published at 12:16 pm CDT, terror attacks in Kabul were not at all on my radar.  Kabul time is 9 hours […]

Seeing Ike

As I write, I’m watching some talking head being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell, passionately arguing that the current situation in Afghanistan is the problem of the last three American administrations, leaving the Bush administration, which started this, out of the problem.  The problem, basically, the guy suggests, is Obama and Biden missteps.  I gather, he […]

Peace and Love

The program below is tomorrow (Thursday) evening, Aug 26.  The 20th anniversary of 9-11 is a couple of weeks ahead; and August 31, is the self-imposed deadline President Biden has set for American departure from Afghanistan.  On August 31 I plan to do a post reflecting on 9-11-01.  Check back. * Here’s a message from […]

2021-22: School

Primer on Afghanistan, published August 19, here. * The school year begins in my local school district on August 31 (Grades K-6 and 9); and September 1 (the rest). In Minnesota, the traditional start of the school year used to be the day after Labor Day, this year September 7. Times are no longer traditional, […]

Afghanistan, a Primer

There are 15 comments thus far at the originating post, here.  Your comments are welcome.  Check back once in awhile.  I will have two or three new posts in the next several days, trying for a little variety/diversion from this story which will last far beyond this week. * Below is my National Geographic Atlas […]


Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune front page, above the fold, says it all: Afghanistan is no stranger to this blog.  Three times so far in 2021 I’ve made mention, most recently in “The Zip to Zap” post on August 14 (see especially comments from John, Joyce and Sue, and my responses at that post). The other […]

The Zip to Zap

My take on today’s news below (see August 14)…but first a diversion…a piece of nostalgia. On the recent trip to ND (recounted here), I bought a book on small town post offices which included a history of the post office in North Dakota by Kevin Carvell, who was long-time staff for U.S. Senator from N […]

North Dakota

A week or so ago I took a short trip to North Dakota, my home state.  I’m no stranger to North Dakota, having spent most of my first 25 years there, and until Covid-19 interrupted, taking nearly annual journeys there for visits. I’m a North Dakotan, native to the tiny towns that make up the […]


Thursday afternoon Suni Lee and colleague olympian and Minnesotan, Grace McCallum, arrived home in the Twin Cities with their Olympic medals in tow.  Their arrival was the front page photo in today’s Minneapolis paper.  They and all of their colleagues in any Summer Olympics activities deserve their accolades.  They are incredibly talented in their chosen […]