Angels Unawares

Briefly If you happen to be around Minneapolis MN on Sunday afternoon, August 1, 3 p.m., join the group at the opening of the Angels Unawares sculpture being displayed during August at the Basilica of St. Mary, downtown Minneapolis.  All of the details can be accessed here. This is an event honoring and respecting immigrants […]

The Wall

July 15 I participated in an on-line conversation of a film we had been asked to watch. The film, The Wall, (2018) is about a homeless encampment in Minneapolis.  It is 87 minutes, free on YouTube, and has been watched over 700,000 times.  The film grabbed me, and held on.  It’s an uncomfortable film, but […]

A 52nd anniversary

July 20 was the 52nd anniversary of the first Man on the Moon.  It was Sunday, July 20, 1969.  I remember the event well.  I wrote about it at this space two years ago.  You can read that here if you wish.  It was a big deal. Our society likes to remember anniversaries.  A 52nd […]

Personal best.

Today the 32nd Olympiad began in Tokyo. As usual, I did my rounds at the sports center minutes away.  I’ve written about it before.  Usually there are very few of us doing the circuit; sometimes I’m alone.  Sometimes I pass someone else; other times, someone passes me.  I do 11 rounds at a brisk walk; […]

“Breaking news”

POSTNOTE July 23, 2021: Just Above Sunset on the upcoming January 6 hearing: Ending the nonsense. * Published July 21, 2021: Some quick thoughts on the latest piece of breaking news today.  I’d like to see comments.  I may add thought later as well.  Take a look. Heads up – I will probably do three […]

Democracy at Risk

PRENOTE: Tonight, on-line, 7p.m. CDT if you wish.  The Wall, 2018 Click for details.  Pre-register if you wish to join the conversation.  Film is free on YouTube. * In too many ways I feel like we’re all at a crossroads of history for our Democracy…and “we, the people” seem in polar opposite camps.  Anyone who thinks […]


Today I ushered at church – first time since March 15, 2020.  It felt good to be so engaged.  “Normal” is returning, though still the Mass has live and virtual components.  There was a good attendance in the pews; and a pretty sophisticated virtual system which, I noted, utilizes six cameras – sort of an […]

A Week Ends

There is so much happening right now, it is impossible to keep track of it.  Are we a nation of the people; or a nation by and for some of the people?  A not so silent war is taking place daily, most everywhere. We are a nation which supposedly reverences the rights of citizens, and […]

Afghanistan, Haiti

Two big international stories today.  About the best I can do is provide a little information you may not see elsewhere.  I recommend reading the April 26 letter on Haiti linked in paragraph 3 below. HAITI This day, Haiti found its way onto the front page of American news.  Unfortunately, Haiti on the front page […]

The Fourth of July

Last evening I was continuing what seems to be a never-ending review of personal “archives” (what most would probably call “junk”).  In yet another envelope of pictures – this from the Busch-Berning family reunion in July 1993 – I saw this picture I knew I’d taken, but had misplaced for a long time. On the […]