Memorial Day 2021

This morning, Monday May 31, 2021, at 9:30 on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds, at the Vietnam Memorial, will be the annual Veterans for Peace observance of Memorial Day.  Except for last year, when the Pandemic made it a virtual event, it has been at the same site for almost all of the 18 years […]


Today I was back for 9:30 Mass at Basilica of St. Mary.  It was first time since the Pandemic began.  It was good to be back.  The absence was not due to protest, or such.  Advice – prudent, I feel – from the Church was for older folks to not attend. Cautions are relaxing a […]


One year ago, May 28 and 29, 2020, was a terrifying time in our area.  The fires in Minneapolis and St. Paul started the night of May 27, and continued to the early morning of May 29.  I asked my friend, Ruhel, when his restaurant burned down.  “May 29” he said with no hesitation. The […]


Last evening at the conclusion of a meeting, the suggestion was made to meet at a popular suburban St. Paul tavern across the street.  It was about 6 p.m., and it seemed a good idea.  Only three of us went. The place was packed, ordinary people like ourselves.  No one was masked – that’s not […]

A Death; A Year

May 25, 2020, was Memorial Day, the day George Floyd died on a street outside a neighborhood store in Minneapolis.  At the time we were all immersed in the pandemic.  The front page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune had a sub-headline above the fold: “A GRIM STATISTIC U.S. likely to surpass 100K deaths in coming […]

After Antarctica

POSTNOTE Sunday May 23: This film is being continued through May 27.  It is very well worth your time.  Here is the information.  Here’s Will Steger’s website.  You can make a difference. * May 21 I watched the new film, After Antarctica, explorer Will Steger’s retrospective on his own life. If you’ve heard of Will […]


Early last week I’d written my financial adviser with a question.  Joe wrote back and what I noted particularly was the quotation he apparently uses on all correspondence with clients: “Nothing can stand up to gratitude. There’s no negative emotion—not fear, not self-doubt, not sadness, and certainly not anger—that can survive exposure to the radiance […]

Five Minutes, please

Take five minutes to take a look at the calendar of upcoming events on the Citizens for Global Solutions calendar.   Just scroll down to “Featured Events” for full descriptions.  All are available at home, probably wherever you live, between today and May 23.  One of the featured events is the 2021 Mpls-St. Paul Film […]


Back on August 1, 2020, I opened a long post about why I’m a Democrat with these words:  “Among 7.8 billions citizens of planet earth 331 million in the United States, I am one. I have 80 years of experience in my native land, the United States of America.  Everyone has their own story.” Back […]

Moms, and Mother Earth

May 9, 2021.  Mother’s Day.  In Minnesota, this year, it is six days before Fishing Opener, a sacred ritual; often scheduled the same weekend.  The specific date is set by formula, sort of like Easter.  Here’s a History of Mothers Day;  (here’s the formula for fishing opener in Minnesota). Last year. this day, we were […]