Tonight President Biden addresses Congress.  As has become my custom, I’ll publish this hours before there are any specifics. Tonights address is about priorities, as is always the case when the President addresses Congress. This will be unusual: that Pandemic is still part of all of our lives; the insurrection of January 6 looms in […]


Walter Mondale died on Sunday.  He’s a homie, and a small town boy like I am.  His trajectory was a bit more lofty than mine, and he will receive and deserve all the plaudits for a life very well lived.  I can recall meeting him a single time, a few years ago. “Back in the […]

Earth Summit, Rio, 1992

Today is Earth Day.  Of course, every day is earth day, and on and on, but we seem to have a need to name and date things.  The first Earth Day was 1970, or so says the official website.  Check it out. 1970 was over 50 years ago.  It surprised me to learn this, though […]

George Floyd

Today (April 19) is the day for closing arguments to the Jury from prosecution and defense in the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis.  Thence the jury of citizens will take up the matter and make the final decision – well, their final decision.  At this moment, no one knows for sure the outcome or the […]


This week, President Biden announced the intent of the U.S. to take all remaining U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of 9-11-01.  The news is predictable, as presented by all ‘sides’, from extreme right to extreme left.  Most every opinion is expressed with absolute certainty.  There is no room […]


My local coffee shop, Caribou at City Centre, Woodbury, has recently partially re-opened tables, to what seems 25% capacity.  During Covid-19 Caribou suffered much like the rest of us.  I visited two or three times a week for to-go.  It was support for the local business, where I’d been an almost daily early-morning customer for […]


Monday was just a nice weather day in Minnesota.  I took my usual “abstract random” drive in the general area of home.  This particular day I broadened my reach somewhat, going across the river to Hastings to reach a park I knew existed, Spring Lake Regional Park, about had visited only one time, and then […]

Two Special Events on-line

Two events, available where you are! Special event Tue. April 6, 2021: Special FairVote Minnesota zoom event, Women Leading Democracy Forward, on April 6th from 5 – 6pm CT. The event will bring together Professor Danielle Allen – renowned political theorist and Director of Harvard’s Center for Ethics – State Senator Melisa Franzen and State Representative Kelly Morrison for an important discussion […]


Today is Holy Thursday and this is Easter week. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a church sort of guy.  Church has always been important to me. Like everyone else to my right or left, ahead of me or behind, regardless of denomination, whether a believer or not, I’m far from perfect. Easter has its […]