An early and continuing part of my daily drive during the Covid-19 year was through portions of nearby suburbs Newport, St. Paul Park and Cottage Grove, and Grey Cloud Island, all of which are along and part of, the Mississippi River environs. In St. Paul Park is an oil refinery, a long-time fixture there that I […]

One Year of Covid-19

POSTNOTE: from the Sunday, March 7 2021, Washington Post: well worth your time.  Excerpt from Chaos Under Heaven. * March 6, 2020 – it was a Friday – I stopped at my daughter Lauri’s home to tell her about an upcoming program of the Minnesota Orchestra I thought would interest the grandkids.  The previous day […]

March 4

For the first 140+ years of the United States the inauguration of the President of the United States was March 4.  In 1933, the date was changed to January 20.  I really had no knowledge of this until the current chaos.  It’s just another learning opportunity.  If you wish to learn more, here’s an article […]

White Nationalists/”Antifa”

Today is the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about January 6.  Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, is testifying.  It is interesting.  Only the most hardy will watch it all (I’m not among that group, but I’ll catch quite a bit of it.) The opening statements of Sen. Dick Durbin and Sen. Chuck Grassley were of […]