Framing – George Floyd

This morning the trial of Derek Chauvin begins in downtown Minneapolis. Just now, 5 a.m. CDT, March 29, 2021, I browsed my photo files for the first and last pictures I took during the past 10 months which related to the killing of George Floyd at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis, MN, May 25, 2020. […]

Right to Vote

POSTNOTE March 29: Heather Cox Richardson has an excellent commentary on voting rights in the U.S.  It’s for March 28.  You can read it here. For your weekend.  First, please note a couple of on-line programs in the next couple of weeks, here. I note this is my 1,678th blog since I began blogging in […]

On-line Programs

Some on-line learning ideas, March 30 and April 7: Human Rights and World Health Day. Citizens for Global Solutions – Minnesota, is sponsoring an online Human Rights Forum at 10-11 a.m. CDT Tuesday, March 30.  The complete announcement is here: HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM – announcement – March 30 2021 (click to enlarge). This conversation will feature Female […]

Boulder CO

Boulder CO is on my normal route.  But the afternoon of June 13, 2019, we were in Boulder for a tourist visit with son Tom, who lives in suburban Denver, and whose first stop when he headed west in March, 1985, was Boulder.  He’s been a Coloradan ever since. As I write this, a public […]


This post is about voting rights: the frontal assault on these rights in many of the 50 states – a commonly used number is 250 proposals to amend rights to vote in assorted ways, by the Republican Party.  In the other corner is HR 1, a Congressional initiative by the Democrats to at minimum secure […]

Grey Cloud Island

Today is the first day of Spring.  Let’s hope that Spring ushers in a better year than the one just passed with Covid-19. * Truth be told, I’d like to do most of my writing about topics like the following…but the political thread is extremely important in these divided days, and that will remain an […]


Usually in this little corner of the world called Thoughts Towards a Better World I have one or two opinions in progress.  As I write this is the 7th in the draft file.  It is that kind of week. I title this one “Relationships”. Top of the list is the U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment on […]


A recent e-mail reminded me of the old saying, “pot calling the kettle black” (“a person who is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another and is thus an example of psychological projection, or hypocrisy.”). Here’s an opportunity, whether you’re “pot” or “kettle” to consider both sides of the story.  Comments are […]

Common $en$e

Today Congress passed the stimulus bill today, probably with no Republican votes.  There will be talk about numbers too large for us to comprehend: $1.9 Trillion; national debt of $29 Trillion, on and on. I keep thinking of perspective, on several grounds.  (There are numerous sources of data.  My choices, below, are not ‘cherry-picked’ by […]

International Women’s Day

Time very well spent: the film “On Her Shoulders”, about Nadia Murad.  See “Related and timely”, below. * Yesterday, March 8, was International Women’s Day.  March is Women’s History Month.  This year has celebrated the centennial of Women’s Suffrage in the United States.  There’s been much progress; still a very long ways to go…. We […]