Sometime today the Former Occupant is supposed to make an appearance at a conservatives conference in Orlando.  I’m writing and publishing this before the appearance, and while I’ll probably watch whatever pieces are accessible, I won’t have any comments.  We all know what is ahead, there. A worthwhile read came overnight via Just Above Sunset. […]

$15 Minimum Wage

As I write, the Senate Parliamentarian has not yet issued her ruling on the $15 minimum wage provision proposal to be voted on this week. If you’re reading this, you know the rest of the public details from your source of news.  I simply want to add a personal opinion about this long-standing issue.  I […]


This afternoon was a time of remembrance in memory of the over 500,000 deaths from Covid-19 since the pandemic began last year. The bells at the National Cathedral rang 500 times; there were 500 candles at the White House. Other reports were that the first official death from the pandemic in the U.S. was last […]


A couple of unrelated happenings this week lead to this column. This week, a relative, Donna, sent an old photograph with an inquiry: did I know one of the people in the photo? As is quite typical with old photos, this one didn’t have a date or names written on the back.  I could help: […]

“Sunny Days, oh yeah…”

POSTNOTE Feb. 21: A Texan talks about Texas exceptionalism, here.  PDF of article: Texas Exceptionalism WaPo Feb 21 * Feb. 18:  Stopped in at the gas station this morning to get a cup of coffee, and the clerk and I chatted a bit about Texas and the weather. It’s 10 above zero here in Woodbury, […]


Feb. 21: Program Info here. Today is Presidents’ Day, honoring George Washington(born Feb 22) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb 12). Last night we watched the first of a six-part series on Lincoln on CNN.  It was excellent.  It will likely be reprised this week, note CNN for the schedule, which I believe is the next six Sunday […]

The One In The Glass

On Valentine’s Day, 2021…. Friday’s e-mail brought this from our friend, Annelee Woodstrom, retired high school teacher, Teacher of the Year finalist in Minnesota in 1980, 94 years young, whose first 21 years of life were spent in Germany, including the entirety of the Third Reich, and who came to rural Minnesota as an immigrant, […]

Team Colors

RELATED, IF YOU WISH:  I strongly recommend this GoFundMe project. * My preoccupation for this week was to watch almost all of the impeachment proceedings in the U.S. Senate.  It was a long slog. I write this between the end of Friday and Saturday, which may wrap up the proceedings.  I don’t pretend to know […]

“Off to see the Wizard….”

Shortly, the made-for-tv crime show, “The Impeachment of the President of the United States”. It is a deadly serious event, with consequences for the remainder of American history.  At the same time I’m sort of preparing for a spectacle like “The Apprentice” or, more likely, “The Wizard of Oz”, featuring among others, Dorothy, the Wicked […]

The School World During the Covid-19 Pandemic

My daughter, Joni, is principal of a large suburban middle school.  Here is her Feb 6 note about how it is a her school during this year of Covid-19.  Her sister, my daughter, 45, has recently been diagnosed as positive for Covid-19. “[Our sister/daughter] continues to only have mild symptoms, but my personal school experiences […]