White Nationalist

The following is being published today (Oct. 31) and will be a link to the Antifa post of Oct 23.  This arrangement is intentional; the posts are directly related. Pre-note: Today (Oct. 24) the top headline in the Minneapolis StarTribune was “Boogaloo linked to [Minneapolis] 3rd Precinct [police station] assault”.  Gandhi Mahal restaurant was one […]

20 Years

20 years ago today – it was a Saturday – Cathy and I married.  Most folks who read this post know us in person or various aspects of us from references here.  There is no need to go into detail. Like for most everyone else, COVID-19 has changed our routine.  Our anniversary dinner will be […]

United Nations at 75

First, Willie Nelson on Voting.  VOTE. * Today is the 75th birthday of the United Nations.  I am a strong supporter of the United Nations.  I’m in good company.  Not everyone is a fan.  Whatever its problems, the UN has been a major factor in keeping nations and peoples from obliterating each other as we […]


POSTNOTE Oct 25: Today’s Minneapolis paper had two 16 page advertising inserts about a major exhibit on fascism in Minnesota at the Weisman Art Museum at the University of the Minnesota.  This includes an online talk Oct 28 7-8:30 p.m. and an exhibit beginning Oct 25 through January 2021.  Here’s the link with details. POSTNOTE […]


Yesterday I was at the local supermarket which is our favorite.  I was waiting near the checkout, and noticed the employees were unusually animated (read: silly). These days the store is usually a serious place, with Covid-19 and all.  I particularly noticed one employee who some weeks earlier had seemed pretty depressed and angry; today […]


The first Presidential debate I can recall was the Kennedy-Nixon debate in 1960.  It was the first televised presidential debate in history.  I was in college, not yet 21, the then-voting age, but I do remember that it was a college event in a time of only black and white television and small screen TVs. […]


October 16: I heard that Sen. Whitehouse’s presentation on Oct 13 was very important to hear.  Here it is, very worth the time to watch.  It zeroes in on the issue as consideration of Judge Barrett races to likely confirmation. * Monday, October 12, was day one of the consideration of Trumps third nomination to […]

World Food Day

World Food Day is October 16.  An on-line program is Monday (see next paragraph).  The Food and Agriculture Organization is one of the many offshoots of the United Nations, whose 75th anniversary is Oct. 24, 2020. The organization Global Minnesota has all information for World Food Day and other events here.  In the calendar, at […]


This week came a mailer from the Internationally recognized Minnesota Orchestra, announcing a collaboration with Minnesota’s TPT (public television) and Classical MPR (public radio). Here’s the details Minnesota Orchestra (click image to enlarge).  Note especially page three.  The brochure does announce that “all artists, dates and programs are subject to change”, recognizing our shared current reality. […]