Last night I listened to the entire presidential debate; I only watched the first and last five minutes or so.  I will leave my personal comments at that.  For an excellent summary of commentaries overnight: “The New Cleveland Show“. There have been several comments and suggestions left at my Opinions blog from a couple of […]

Gandhi Mahal

Today is the day of the Presidential Debate.  It is also the 4 month anniversary of the destruction of Minneapolis restaurant Gandhi Mahal by fire. I last saw Ruhel Islam, owner of Gandhi Mahal, on March 5, 2020, at a fundraiser for Mn Interfaith Power and Light. Ruhel serves on the Board of this organization.  It […]


POSTNOTES Sep 28, 2020: Going through flotsam here at home, I came across the May 27, 2007, issue of Newsweek which I had kept for some reason.  A dozen pages might be of interest to you.  You can read them here (two separate pdf’s (click to enlarge): Newsweek May 200720200928 and Newsweek May 2007 (2)20200928 The […]

Friends, Faith, Freedom

In effect, I started this post back in the early summer, when I started thinking about our countries devolution into, essentially, two ‘tribes’ – Democrat and Republican.  This led to a series of posts, primarily in August, especially August 1 and 2, 2020, on the “D’s” and the “T’s” (what used to be Republican is […]

The Court

Overnight: “The Real Loss Now“. * A letter writer, a health care worker, responding to Saturday’s post, “Ruthless Now”   lamented the instant national pivot to the Supreme Court issue at the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at the same time as we collectively seem to forget 200,000 Covid-19 deaths now reached in the United […]

“Ruthless Now”

Late yesterday afternoon I was driving down a street in our near neighborhood, and saw a vivid sight, inadequately captured by my camera in this snapshot: An hour or so later I first heard the news of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Overnight came my favorite commentary on national events, Just Above Sunset,  “Ruthless […]

The Bus

Sunday’s Opinion section had a very interesting commentary by Mike Miles.  More below in “The Bus”. First: In Minnesota, absentee voting begins on Friday, Sep 18.  All details are at the website of the Minnesota Secretary of State.  For other states, The Washington Post provides what seems to be an excellent and easily used link, […]


Postnote Sep 15, 2020:  Just Above Sunset “Only Science”. from Greg Sep 15, seen in MinnPost: Megafires. It’s a beautiful day here in the Twin Cities.  At mid-afternoon, the temp was 69.  bright sunshiny day.  I visited the historic Dowling Community Garden in south Minneapolis.  The scenery is typical near-fall flowers and foliage.  Summer is […]


Today is 9-11, 19 years after 9-11-01.  I took a photo of the Twin Towers when they were just opening, at the end of June, 1972. 2,977 died on 9-11-01.  The death toll from Covid-19 so far is nearing 200,000 on this date.  At Shanksville memorial today the President noted “radical Islamist terrorists” and the […]

Reflecting on “Unions”

Earlier this week, on Labor Day, we had one of our periodic Zoom family gatherings.  My sister asked me a question that was hard to answer on spur of the moment.  I took a stab at it with the below letter, which I sent the next day and in which you might have an interest […]