School opening.

“Where are you?”, I asked my daughter when she answered the phone on Sunday morning.  “At school.”  “I’m at Caribou.  Can I stop by for a couple of minutes?”  “Sure, but I’m busy.” I dropped by and rendezvoused for a very short visit.  And for sure she was busy.  I borrowed one of her Grandpa’s […]

Trusting in dishonest times.

In progress.  Check back. September 2, 2020: We currently have a dangerous President in the United States, and the evidence is overwhelming, but too few people are even willing to consider this a possibility.  We are awash in disinformation. Events in the last 24 hours are a good starting point: if we don’t care, we […]

The Coming Days.

August 21 I wrote my personal endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  I ‘covered’ the DNC and Trump Conventions in this space the last two weeks.  Seventeen August posts precede this one, and at least one and possibly two will follow by September 1. Ten Tuesdays from now is Election Day.  Early voting begins […]

A Dangerous Time.

Friday morning I went for my usual walk.  It had rained a short time before, and was still overcast, a bit cool. I saw five deer today, an unusual occurrence.  They were young.  The first three a little older, the last two definitely fawns, not all that worldy wise, though one of them knew the […]

The Trump Party, Day Four.

Tonight President Trump makes his case.  I don’t plan to watch.  After three and a half years I know exactly what to expect.  I am enemy. Back in June, I wrote to a friend I’ve known for 62 years, and who supports Trump: “[In]n the last 62 years only in the last three have I […]

Trump Convention

As readers know, I have great respect for Just Above Sunset compilation of national political news.  His summary of yesterday is below.  Check back later if you wish. Those Minor Details, about Tuesday of the Trump Convention as gathered by Just Above Sunset, Tuesday, August 25.  Tomorrow, some comments about the nominee and his base. […]

Trump Convention: Freedom

PRE-NOTE:  An Angry Country Right Now Monday morning I decided to go over to the sites of George Floyd and Gandhi Mahal, just to see the area up to date.  A picture at 38th and Chicago is in the Monday post.  It ws quiet, an ordinary day in the working class neighborhood.  There were a […]

The Trump Convention: “The smoldering ruins in Minneapolis”

In the Friday August 21 Washington Post, the Editorial Board opined about a second term.  You can read it here. The headline: “A second Trump term might injure the democratic experiment beyond recovery.” The front page of the Sunday, August 23, Minneapolis Tribune had its share of tweets (aka headlines) “above the fold”: 1) “Voting rights fight […]

Coup 53

I strongly recommend the investment of a couple of hours to watch the new film, Coup 53, available on-line, for an uncertain time.  All information is here.  I watched it Wednesday, as well as a one hour conversation with the films producer, etc., and a 26 minute YouTube special presentation by the film’s editor (here). […]

Day 4: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Most of my numerous Aug. 2020 posts relate to politics.  Aug 17-20 posts related to the DNC Convention; Aug 24-28 to the Trump Convention.  At Aug 1 and 2 I defined Democrats and “T’s” as I saw them. This is my endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  I filed a post note on Aug. […]