Check this space for my personal observations about July 1, 2020. COVID-19: Tuesday, June 23, my Dentist, mentioned an excellent webcast he had watched recently about COVID-19.  I’ve listened to it, and I concur.  Here it is.  It’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford Medical, on the webcast Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson.  Do take the […]

Dad’s Day

Last Dad’s Day was June 16, 2019.  It was a very good day.  This one promises to be as well.  Of course, there will be big differences.  One year ago none of us could have imagined COVID-19.  The other major societal stresses impacting our lives today could have been imagined, but not with precision.  This […]

Aretha Franklin: Amazing Grace

A year ago, we were on the final leg of a memorable two weeks in America’s northwest.  There were all sorts of high points.  We arrived home this date, the Saturday before Father’s Day. Early in the journey I decided to observe something called “Servant Leadership” which my friend Judy Maghakian had asked me to […]


Wednesday nights TV news reported on the toppling of a statue of Christopher Columbus on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds. Yesterday, I went over to see for myself.  I didn’t even know the statue existed, and after inquiry finally found the site, directly across Cedar St from the present Judicial Center, which years ago was […]


Tuesday night I joined a webcast of MN Interfaith Power and Light, a strong local activist group.  There were near 100 participants, and the meeting was organized in the usual way our society does things.  It was a very well run meeting, on Zoom, as is typical these days.  I chose to be a listener, […]

June 5, 2019

A year ago today we were in Seattle, visiting Pike Place, a short walk from our hotel.  My “iconic” photo there was not the famed Pike Place Fish Market featuring the famous fish toss, but the Gum Wall not far away, with a couple of kids having a good time (the young lady pointing out […]

Schools out

June 8, 2020:  Yesterday we had the honor of participating in grandson Parker’s receiving his high school diploma at Eastview High School in Apple Valley MN.  There were about 500 graduates this year, and no traditional graduation exercise, but it was a phenomenal event.  Every participant – every one of you – are invited to […]

A Year

See POSTNOTE About this time of day, one year ago today, we were about to leave for AMTRAK station in St. Paul Minnesota, enroute to 14 days beginning at Seattle, south to Davis, California then back via Denver.  It was a memorable trip, celebrating six months out from major heart surgery December 4, 2018. There […]