UPDATE June 2: Previous and related posts: May 27, 29 and 30.  Column by Ruhel Islam’s daughter in June 1, Washington Post, here.  John Noltner, A Piece of My Mind, has been interviewing people at 38th and Chicago, you can see these here.  PHOTOS AND MORE ADDED TO JUNE 1 POST.  The future of our nation […]


Other related posts at May 27, 29 and 31 Today is beautiful in the Twin Cities – as WCCO-TV will correctly be able to say, “another Top Ten weather day”.  Of course, a day is much more than “weather”…. My walk is always good reflection time, and this morning I thought back to a long ago […]

A City Burning

Other related posts at May 27, 30 and May 31. May 30, 2020: I have lived, worked and travelled a great deal  in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area of over 3,000,000 people for most of the last 55 years, and I am not living in fear today, nor have I in the past.  This is […]

Dead Man Talking

Other related posts at May 29, 30 and May 31. I knew the latest Minneapolis police incident would be front page news this morning.  All I didn’t know was exactly what it would look like.  Here’s the ‘above the fold’. There will be a lot more to say about this, and other similar news.  We […]

Memorial Day

See also, here.  This post includes a May 24 Letter from an American that deals specifically with the 100,000 casualties, thus far, from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Peter Barus’ May 22 post, here, has much food for thought for all of us, relating to the current state of our country and the globe itself.  Take the […]

Vets for Peace Memorial Day 2020

Friend Molly occasionally sends around a few friends on her mailing list.  Here’s the weekend version, less than a page: Molly May 23, 2020 (click on image to enlarge it) May 24: from Joyce, Letter from an American. * This is not an ordinary Memorial Day. This year there will be no in-person gathering:no permit for […]

Peter Barus: You Have More Power Than The President

Peter and I have been on-line friends for nearing 20 years, and recently he sent me a post initially sent to “friends and family”, included a blog post he published in Op Ed News.  The correspondence is sent along with his permission.  The letter and two links are very much worth your time.  Photo with […]


Message on back of work uniform at local McDonald’s: “Keep calm, wash your hands” – an apparent and appropriate message for both customer and server. Last year, September 11, 2019, I observed and commented that the children born on Sep 11, 2001, were all having their 18th birthday.  It is now about nine months later, […]

Jonathan MN: A Place in Time

Last week, enroute to an auto tour of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, I took a wrong turn and found myself in another neighborhood of Chaska, the 1960s era new town of Jonathan, now a large neighborhood of Chaska. I first saw this development about 1970, when we drove down from rural Anoka to […]


For another, and excellent, view of Mothers Day, read Heather Cox Richardson, here.  (See in addition Bob’s comment at the end of this post.) * There are an infinite variety of Moms (which I choose to leave without boundaries of gender, age or marital status).  I’ve been thinking about “Moms”, and I invite you to […]