Yesterday afternoon I decided to look up the casualty count for the U.S. in the Vietnam War,  The apparent official number is 58,220. An hour or so later the CBS news update showed over 1,000,000 COVID-19 cases, and over 58,300 deaths from the disease.  Of course the worldwide figures are much higher.  And this is […]


This is the day of the inauguration of the Great Emancipation from the chains of COVID-19.  There have been a dribble of preview events; today seems more the big deal here and there across the nation. I think about another such event on May 4, 2003, when President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” over the Saddam […]


Thursday’s walk revealed my home area first outburst of Spring.  By Monday, no doubt, the race will be on, and the drabness of winter will be replaced with the colors of spring.  It is a time we look forward to each year.   I took this photo two mornings ago.  Today will be better throughout […]

Earth Day

Other Outside the Walls blogs can be accessed in Archives at right.  (This is the 9th blog in April 2020.) * Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  There is a great plenty to focus our thoughts this day, and all those to follow. * A few years ago a good friend volunteered at the […]

COVID-19 Tip-toeing in….

This mornings walk was, as usual, uneventful.  I met one couple with dog, and one single woman.  It was a little  chilly.  My walk is about two miles at a moderate pace. Back home our neighbor said that golf, marinas and. bait shops were okay to open; indeed the top of the front page of […]

COVID-19 Protests

Yesterday seems to have been the day for orchestrated protests: enough of the health crisis; time to reopen business.  The longer summary of pundits views is here, if you wish. Here’s an illustration used in the on-line post by someone I know very well, a self-described libertarian: I came late to protests.  For me, the […]

COVID-19 Public Health

A short while ago I was on one of those e-conversations where folks were sharing notes on COVID-19.  E-conversations serve a vital role: they’re quicker and can reach more people than U.S. mail; and more amenable to actual conversation than text or twitter or similar. In this particular conversation, one comment was tossed out, and […]

COVID-19 Ben Vosberg and Medicine

My month in the land of COVID-19, here. * For many years I’ve done family history, and just a few days ago came across an old newspaper clipping.  A photo of it is below.  The pdf is here: Ben Vosberg (click to enlarge). Ben Vosberg was a relative, probably my great grandmothers brother.  As is typical, […]

COVID-19 One month

POSTNOTE April 8:   Today is Passover, Sunday is Easter, April 19 is Orthodox Easter.  Spring began March 19.  Whatever your tradition to recognize this season, this year is certainly without precedent in our era.  I saw a sign on my walking route this morning which speaks eloquently to all who see it.  The true […]

COVID-19 Chuck Woolery: Thoughts for World Health Day

Ed. Note: April 7 is World Health Day.  A wealth of general information is here.  Scroll down to the box relating to World Health Day; there are regional pages as well.   Take time to look around. Chuck Woolery, from Maryland, and long an activist, sent observations on the Covid-19 pandemic, and I asked permission […]