Primary Election

Tuesday is the Minnesota Primary Election.  Lots of interesting information, including candidates, here. You will note that the DFL (Democrat) ballot includes 15 names; the Republican only one, even though at the time of filing there were at least two other national Republican who expressed an interest in challenging the incumbent. Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, on […]

“I Speak for Democracy”

Today is son Tom’s 56th birthday.  His Mom, my wife, Barbara, died in 1965 at 22, when he was one. Last night was precinct caucus night in Minnesota.  I attended as I always do.  I’ll write more about this later in conjunction with an unusual Primary election which was set up by MN law in […]


Tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 25) is caucus night in Minnesota.  I will be there, as I have been to many caucuses over the years.  Next week will be Minnesota Primary Election.  I’ll participate in that, too.  That is a much more recent addition to the political menu in Minnesota.  We shall see how it works.  (Complete […]


February 19, I was watching Family Feud, a favorite escape. For those unacquainted, family feud teams compete to guess how 100 persons answer questions on topics familiar to most everyone of us.  One of the questions host Steve Harvey asked this night: “What is one species you wouldn’t mind to see extinct?”  One of the […]


Related post:  Jesus, here. Today we stayed after Mass for a talk by a founder of a national group called “Better Angels“, which bills itself as “a working alliance to depolarize America”.  There were about 75 of us in attendance, and it was a very stimulating hour with Bill Doherty.   We’ll join.  I encourage […]


Last weekend I spent at a Men’s Retreat at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Prior Lake.  I’m now a regular there, since 2014, I think.  From Friday night to Sunday afternoon there’s time to reflect.  It is good. This year, the day before the Retreat, was the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.  …. During […]

Going to Retreat

Shortly I leave for what has become an annual event: the Men’s Retreat at Franciscan Retreat Center in Prior Lake MN.  I asked a staffer how many years I’ve attended.  He checked, every year since 2014, except 2015, which I missed. I missed 2015 because earlier in the week my Uncle Vince died in North […]