I write on Saturday, December 14.  Some weeks ago I said I’d comment on the Impeachment of Donald Trump. Thursday night I watched much of the rhetoric in Judiciary; overnight, a rare nightmare visited in my sleep – one that I’ll remember: an ominous very dark storm cloud rapidly approaching a crowd, one of whom […]

The World Is My Country, Sunday, Dec. 8, noon

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Each year I see my Uncle Frank Bernard’s death as the USS Arizona explodes.  I have written about him many times at this and other spaces.  He experienced war, up close and very personal.  He and millions of others are witness to the horrors of war.  As the song lyric […]

A Year

A year ago, December 4, 2018, the team at Fairview Southdale in Edina MN went to work on me.  Dec 1 and 2, 2019, a year later, I took the two photos below.  In the last 365 days between lies the story of the last year.  I’ve written a number of times about the trip […]