POSTNOTE: Jan 23, 2019: There will be more on this issue within the Jan. 20, 2020 post.  Check there about Feb. 1. POSTNOTE Dec. 9, 2019: Last Thursday we went to the film starring Tom Hanks, “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.  It is highly rated, deservedly so (I give it a “10”).  Early on, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Here, snow is predicted, perhaps lots of it, beginning tonight.  People are planning for either trips, or being snowed in.  If a theatre near you has “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, take it in.  Probably good to reserve your seat in advance. In 1909, Thanksgiving was on November 25.  Out at the farm, my mother […]

The World Is My Country

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019: the beginning of free week for The World Is My Country.  #3, below. This is about the film The World Is My Country, the inspiring true story of Garry Davis in his youth, told by Garry Davis when he was 90.  I hope you read this brief blog. I rarely urge […]

The Eagle

COMMENTS (beginning Nov. 14, also note the very end of the post for on-line comments): from Richard in California, overnite: What a Democrat Party Hoax! Response from Dick: I have a diverse list (ideologically, virtually all are people I know or have direct context with).  The list is fairly large.  Normally there are few responses, […]

Armistice/Veterans Day

Today is the day I wear my dog tags, from U.S. Army days, 1962-63. I’m a vet, as are my two brothers, as are many relatives.  My event of choice each year since 2002 has been Armistice Day of the Veterans for Peace.  This mornings Minneapolis Star Tribune featured a column co-authored by two men […]

Heroes for a better world.

First, a fond farewell to Burt Berlowe,  whose niche was as a peace writer, always a presence with the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers (MAP) Our world is a better place because of Burt: “Dear MAP Friends, On the afternoon of Monday, October 28th, Burt Berlowe passed away. His peaceful spirit and passion live on!!! There will […]


Yesterday was election day in a few places.  Where I live, we voted on only a single issue: for three local school board members.  Our district has 63,565 registered voters.  The highest vote among the 10 candidates was 3,415 votes: thus, the most successful candidate got the vote of about 5%, 1 of 20 or […]

Deep Fake

Friday, November 1, 2019, is Day One after the Impeachment Inquiry Vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I always recommend Just Above Sunset.  This morning’s, “Shuffleboard in Florida“, is one I specifically recommend for weekend reading.    (The ‘hook’ for me was the first four paragraphs, which aren’t directly relevant to the following – […]