POSTNOTE, Thursday: Seen this morning, a great t-shirt “Immigrants Make America Great”  Simply search by name, and you’ll find lots of variety. * Monday I helped to represent the DFL Senior Caucus at the DFL booth at the State Fair. Generally – I’m not a regular volunteer at, nor am I unfamiliar with, the DFL […]

Weekend Reading

Yesterday began the annual Minnesota State Fair.  It is stiff competition, especially if the weather is nice, which it apparently will be.  I’ll be going on Monday myself. But, not everybody goes, nor does everybody live in Minnesota, and if you happen to have the time read Nikole Hannah-Jones 20-page New York Times essay on […]

The Assassin.

Maps are from Grandma Bernard’s Catholic bible, 1906.  All of the maps in this Bible can be seen here: Bible 1906005.  Each pdf map can be enlarged substantially. Each time, the outrages get worse, so I won’t say we’ve seen it all. The most recent, with this most recent resident of the White House, is […]


It’s been a long week. Eight months ago I was starting the process of recuperation from heart surgery, and among the very kind visitors were Donna and Rich Krisch, good friends from Basilica and activists in the cause for decent treatment of those have come to be called ‘illegals’ from anywhere. They brought me a […]


To my recollection, this is the first time in 10 years and near 1500 posts, that I’ve used this space to fundraise for anything or anyone.  Today, in behalf of KFAI, is unique).  KFAI is truly “public radio” with a long history of service in this community, broadcasting since 1978 You can listen to KFAI […]

El Paso, Dayton

POSTNOTE, Monday morning: a longer summary of national views, here.  A Bewildered Nation. * Another weekend; two more tragedies. Friday afternoon  we were on the way home from a few days at a lake in northern Minnesota.  At a stoplight, we ended up behind a car, whose decorations caught my attention: If you can’t read […]