Kavanaugh/Blasey Ford

I am posting this before the Senate Judiciary Committee casts their vote. My parents were good about keeping things, and I’ve followed the tradition.  So it was easy to find my First Grade Report Card for St. Elizabeth’s School in 1946-47.  Here is part of Sr. Mary’s report: I did pretty well that year.  A’s, […]

Justice. Judging. Judge.

If you’ve read this far, you know the name “Kavanaugh” and have an opinion.  A personal observation: October 26, 1991 – it was five days before the Halloween Blizzard – found me at a cemetery in Duluth MN, attending a very moving event commemorating the death of three men who had been lynched in downtown […]

Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 11/9

We went to Fahrenheit 11/9 this afternoon at our neighborhood theater in Woodbury. Absolutely, see it.  Likely Fahrenheit 11/9 is playing at a theater near you, and I think it is already available on-line. It nicks everyone, not the least, the 100,000,000 people who chose not to vote at all in 2016. President Obama doesn’t escape […]

To Women, Young People, People of Color

About the only thing I can urge is that women and young people and persons of color pay very close attention to the Kavanaugh hearings at the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Here are the players for the U.S. Senate (The links to their bios are all wikipedia.)  I have added the ages of the listed individuals.  […]

All is not dismal

It is easy to get mired in the ‘daily dismal’ (my words).  It is not difficult to find positive things (each of which can have their negative ‘sides’). Some thoughts, some of which invite additional reading. If you haven’t already, REGISTER to vote.  If you aren’t already, GET INFORMED ABOUT ALL THE CANDIDATES ON YOUR […]

56 Days

Today is eight weeks from Election Day.  In many places, early voting is about to begin.  Do you know who is running to represent you, or what they stand for, or what the implications of their being elected is, for you, or others in your town, your county, your state, your country? I would presume […]

Labor Day, 2018

“Home” for my entire life has been North Dakota or Minnesota.  In these precincts, “summer” is usually the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  In Minnesota, today is always the last day of the State Fair. Those who follow my “life” know that this has not been a routine “summer”.  (Yes, I did […]

John McCain, a Personal View

Today is the last hurrah for John McCain.  I won’t review what has already been on the tube, in the papers and on the internet.  Among many such weeks in the past two years, the week just passed has been an exceedingly odd one, politically. * I’m reminded today of ten years ago – September […]