The Politics of Fear and Resentment: From the Heart of Memory.

My understanding is that Donald Trump will be in North Dakota today.  So will I, though our agendas are very different.  I am traveling to complete some legacy work at the North Dakota Historical Society in Bismarck, completing the task of adding old family farm photos to the North Dakota archives.  One of them is […]

The Face of America

COMMENTS at end of this post.  Also, reference is made to a recent  iconic photograph, which was adapted for the cover of the current Time magazine, here. Tuesday I was doing my usual walk, whose midpoint is the beach area of Carver Lake in Woodbury, part of an often bustling city park, family reunions, playground […]

Father’s Day 2018

All best wishes to everyone this day, whatever your status as a “Dad”, past, present, future. To me, for a long time now, the term “father”, as “mother”,  is far more than biological or legal.  We are all, at times, “Mom”, and “Dad”, and all the rest. Today, of course, in my world Bennie remains […]


POSTNOTE, overnight: As the World Turns Again * The television drones on within earshot, and the analysts are talking endlessly about what Singapore means, if anything.  Of course, no one except a select few know what will happen when an old compulsive capitalist liar meets a young communist despot, eyeball to eyeball. Much will be […]

Father’s Day, a week early

A week from today is Father’s Day. Three days ago, a father died in a St. Paul hospital; Thursday of this week will be his funeral.  His grandson is Bennie, who is scheduled to begin coming out of the induced fog he’s been in since  the car accident Memorial Day weekend.  His son, the Dad […]

Bobby Kennedy

PRENOTE:  You’re an occasional visitor to this space?  If you’re interested in what I’ve been musing about, click on any month on the calendar at right, and the posts for that month will come up.  June 5, I published a brief post on Iftar, for example. * Today, I went over to the excellent 1968 Exhibit […]


Today is the 12th day after the accident which changed an entire constellation of lives, most especially Ben, David and Robin, but including our own and many others. The latest update on Bennie is here.  As I write, I note 11,912 visits to Caring Bridge. It overwhelms, really  Thank you all. There has been more, […]