At the season….

My handy-dandy computer calendar reminds me that today is Passover, yesterday was Good Friday, and tomorrow is Easter…also April Fools Day. Today is the second full moon of March, a “blue moon”. We were supposed to be at the edge of a band of heavy snow to the north of us – seems to have […]

Easter in North Dakota, 1905

On February 28, 1905, my Grandmother Rosa Berning married my Grandfather Ferdinand Busch at Sinsinawa WI. They moved to Henrietta Township ND after their wedding. Their first Easter as a married couple was April 23, 1905. Here’s an old card sent to them sometime in the early years of their marriage. (click to enlarge) 1905 […]

Kids, being the change….

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune had this full page ad: (click to enlarge) Much of this mornings Just Above Sunset was about Saturday in D.C. I have just a few comments. (At the end of this post, some comments received about the earlier “Monarchy” post….) I did not join a demonstration on Saturday. I thought this […]

The American Monarchy

For most of my adult life, I have made a practice of active citizenship, including following and participating in politics, though never an active interest in being a “politician” (which, generally in our past, has been an honorable profession). Today we are in very dangerous times in our country. We freely elected a faux-King, a […]

The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness

Saturday night we visited a rather remarkable Exhibit, “The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness”. All details can be read in the New Release, here: F Word- Stories of Forgiveness. The venue is at Modus Locus, at the corner of 35th St and Bloomington Avenue S. in Minneapolis MN. The Exhibit is here through April 17. […]

The Stoop and the Postcard….

A few days ago a friend mentioned that she hasn’t seen many blog posts from me lately. It’s true: I’ve been on-line less. Part of it is my wordpress has for some reason been cantankerous. Another, though, is a bit of disspirit. We are at a very dangerous time in our history as a nation, […]


Overnight came an e-mail from a peace person, “strongly support[ing] direct talks between President Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.” The entirety of the e-mail is at the end of this post. The comment brought back to mind a memory. I’m one of those odd ducks who don’t mind the label of […]

A Political Endorsing Convention: On Showing Up.

Saturday was a very long, exhausting, yet energizing day at the DFL Senate District 53 Convention in Woodbury MN. The final credentials committee report showed 233 registered delegates. By the time we adjourned at 7 p.m. We had endorsed candidates for two state legislative seats, passed 36 resolutions, and elected 18 persons to represent our […]

March 5, 1968

50 years ago, March 5, 1968 – it was a Tuesday – the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners adopted “A Declaration of World Citizenship”. Three days later, on March 8, the Mayor and City Council of Minneapolis adopted the same Declaration. Less than two months later, on May 1, 1968, a large contingent of suburban […]