(3) Our National Insanity

For your weekend: Just Above Sunset for Friday: The Conspiracy To Destroy Our Freedom: here Mueller and Trump: Born to wealth, raised to lead. Then, sharply different choices. from The Washington Post here. More thoughts from readers about prior posts Feb 14-17, 2018: from Jeff: I might agree on the Kent State-Parkland correlation. One would […]

(2) Our National Insanity

Once again, a gremlin in editing feature of my blog…So, once again, I need to do a chapter 2. Two comments came soon after publication about the Newsweek article about Al Franken: from Eric: I went to Newsweek to read the Franken piece you highlighted. They have taken it down because they couldn’t verify it. […]

Our National Insanity

Published as the students from Marjory Stoneman Johnson are speaking in Tallahassee FL. Previous related posts: Feb. 14, Feb 15, Feb. 17 (two posts) Today is one week out from the massacre at Parkland, Florida. In the last 48 hours came two items that especially drew my attention. There are many, many more such items, […]

(2) “Editors Update” notes” for February 17:

Once again the ‘gremlin’ said ‘no’ to some important updates to the previous post, dated also today (see updates below). This is the fourth post in this “thread”: Feb. 14, 15 and earlier today. When I contemplated the Valentine’s Day post, and the Ash Wednesday connection with it, I could not have conceived of what […]

Communicating. Parkland. Littleton.

Friday came this powerful Facebook post from my daughter, a suburban Middle School Principal. “Every single day I walk into my school as the principal, it crosses my mind. “Will today be the day it happens here?” Every single day I wonder about the student we suspended that said horrible things as they were escorted […]

Guns, Again.

A very sad iconic photo of the Ash Wednesday/Valentine’s Day massacre at the school in Florida: Florida school massacre001. (That’s the reason for the cross on the ladies forehead.) If nothing else, take time today to visit these two websites: Giffords.org. That’s Gabby Giffords, then Arizona Congresswoman, shot doing the business of being Congresswomman Jan. […]

#MeToo. Time for honest conversations…lots of them.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Sometime before she began first grade in about 1913 my Aunt Lucina got a Valentine from a young friend, Stella, who lived on a farm a couple of miles down the road in Henrietta township North Dakota. (click to enlarge illustrations) Her friends Mom helped make this card for her daughter. Most […]

The Process of Politics (Continued from Feb. 8)

On occasion, my wordpress platform gets irritated and says “no more revisions”. Yesterdays “The Process of Politics” was an example. I don’t know why; it just dug in its heels and refused to allow me to insert these comments, which add to the conversation I began about the Precinct Caucus (the base of Minnesota political […]

The Process of Politics.

Tuesday was Precinct Caucus night in Minnesota. I attended mine. More on that below the Eagle. But first: The response to the free preview week for new film, The World Is My Country, was gratifying. If you missed the film, or wish to watch it again, another week begins February 14 at World Beyond War. […]

The Precinct Caucus (and its variations)

Tonight is Precinct Caucus night in Minnesota. Here’s the pertinent information from Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. Every state has some kind of analogous activity. The caucus is the beginning of the process to elect the people who represent us, and where issues important to us first surface as individuals present rough-cut statements of priority […]