Three men in conversation as 2017 ends:

Dec. 22 I posted about Gratitude. In short order, long-time friend SAK, “across the pond” in Europe, responded in his usual eloquent way: “To be sure, Mr. Bernard, very discouraging indeed but thanks for “keeping on keeping on”! (his comment continues at end of this post)… * Later the same day, three of us, relatives, […]

The French-Canadians; The Franco-Americans

Years ago I signed up for a workshop – I think it was titled “Family of Origin” – and the first assignment was to find out what we could about our ancestors, something which I had never explored before. I was 40 at the time. My parents took the bait; I found that my Dad […]

Four Brief Homilies at Christmas 2017

Sunday morning, Christmas Eve, a reader told me he’d been listening to Krista Tippet’s “On Being”, and the guest for this particular program was David Steindl-Rast, the old man in the Gratitude video from Dec. 22. The interview is a lengthy one, and well worth your time. This morning, Christmas Day, Fr. Harry Tasto, a […]

Gratitude 2017; and “The One We Feed”

COMMENTS AT END OF POST CHRISTMAS, 2017. If you read no further than this paragraph, do take seven minutes to watch Louie Schwartzberg on Gratitude. I first saw this piece of film in 2012. Its message is powerful and timeless. * At this season, December, 2017, we are a nation at war against each other. […]

Republicans on Fire

You might wish to read this summary of the freshly minted “Tax Reform” bill. My summary: 1) The rich get much, much richer, permanently, by Law. Most especially, the great populist, Donald Trump and his family, make out like bandits. 2) The rest of us seem to get a little richer in 2018, but that […]

Tax “Reform”; Robert Mueller

Today is one week to Christmas Day. Who wants (or has time) to be bothered with taxes and criminal investigations? Read “Gifting America” if you wish. I recommend your taking the time. Then decide what you are going to do…and when…or if…. It’s “Christmas future” we’ll all be facing, possibly about to be snuck in […]

Today, Angelica Cantanti. And a memory of Jerry Brownfield

Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs at Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis This afternoon, 4 p.m., at Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, open to the public, is a concert by the children’s choirs of Angelica Cantanti. Details at link. Free Will offering will be asked. This is an outstanding group with a long history. Two nights ago, WCCO-TV featured the choirs […]

Yesterday in Alabama

There have been several comments to yesterday’s post about the Dec. 12 U.S. Senate election in Alabama. That post, and the comments were all written and published hours before the polls closed in Alabama last night. If we choose, the Alabama election can be a learning opportunity for every one of us, about most everything […]

Thoughts on the Day of Alabama

PRE-NOTE: My comments on Alabama are “below the fold”, following the “headlines”, as well as several comments from others which were added before the polls closed Tuesday evening…. This post is about Politics. For those who do not like talk about politics, any time you see the Eagle, below, you’ll know what follows. Those who […]

“Evil Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing”

POSTNOTE, Dec. 8: A thought provoking commentary of the last days, here. * These thoughts seem random, even to myself. Hopefully, you’ll find some “hook” for thought and conversation. (click to enlarge, from June, 2000) Middle of the night I awoke with a few words in my head: “evil triumphs when good people do nothing.” […]