Nuclear War

To be clear, this post is not about North Korea (though it well could be). One cannot imagine what “dotard” and “rocket man” (Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un) will do. This is a very dangerous time, led by very dangerous men. Rather, this post is, once again, about the weaponization of Sex in America. […]

Learn from History

My friend, Madeline, sent this to her Facebook group yesterday. It had originally circulated a year ago, right after the 2016 election. My opinion, this is a particularly useful reflective reading, given our continuing political experience beginning with the electoral campaign in 2016. It is a personal opinion. There is much food for thought. We […]

Making a List? Two Ideas.

Two suggestions for gifts which I highly recommend: 1. AND SO IT WAS, by Annelee Woodstrom (2017) It was my great good fortune, in May, 2003, to read a column in the Fargo (ND) Forum about Annelee’s first book “War Child. Growing Up In Adolf Hitler’s Germany“, in May, 2003. She was, then, my present […]

“How Will Future Reckon With Cousin Kenneth”

Prenote: In a sense, consider the below a trilogy of Thanksgiving thoughts, with the primary part, the second, on civility, the most important. In addition, from a long-time colleague and friend, here is a collection of 10 short poems pertinent to Thanksgiving 2017: 2017 Thanksgiving. * “Cousin Kenneth” is a thought provoking column I saw […]

“Sex, Religion and Politics”

POSTNOTE Nov 26: In the Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune Op Ex section, letters editor David Banks had a good column about this issue. You can read it here. My submission (to date, not accepted for a letter) is at the end of this post. I ask that you read on, and open the links and […]

Tax “Cuts”

(click to enlarge) Personal opinion: like an eagle, or any bird, or any human, or animal for that matter, any system needs to be in equilibrium to function well. A bird with only a dominant right wing – or left, for that matter – does not function well. A smart bird with only a head […]

World War I, and War, generally.

Saturday, Nov. 11, turned out to be a very significant day for me. The intention was to be at the Veterans for Peace Bell Ringing at the Minnesota History Center (MHS), and that was accomplished. The same day, the 99th anniversary of the end of WWI, at the same place, was the final day of […]

Today, November 11, 2017, Armistice Day (aka Veterans Day)

Today, at 11 a.m., on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, Armistice was declared at Compeigne France ending the deadly World War I. In 1928 came the Kellogg-Briand Pact, signed by France, Germany and the United States, to hopefully renounce War. In 1939 the even deadlier began when Nazi Germany invaded […]

#1310 – Dick Bernard: The Eagle’s Wings: the first day of the second year.

A year ago, Wednesday, the United States woke to a new President-Elect, Donald J. Trump. This morning, a year later, the nation awoke to the results of the 2017 elections. While there were relatively few races, what happened yesterday is possibly a messenger of what is to come. (click to enlarge) It is foolish for […]

Dad. A Family Memory

Prenote: My Dad died 20 years ago today. I had been planning to write a little piece about him for some weeks, and in fact had been at the place where he died, Our Lady of the Snows, Belleville IL, on October 22-23. I digress for a moment: We were tiny town folks, and church […]