Dick Bernard: Thoughts at 100 Days of “Make America Great Again”

A Message to all of us from Pope Francis, TED Talk: “The only future worth building includes everyone.” filmed April, 2017 This afternoon, Saturday, April 29, for those in the Minneapolis area or environs, and have some time open in late afternoon, take in the film “The World Is My Country“, part of the International […]

Dick Bernard: This weekend: Earth Day & “The World Is My Country”.

POSTNOTE: Parking for the film on Sunday at St. Anthony Main Theater, Minneapolis: Best parking is in a ramp at 2nd St and 2nd Ave, one block up from the theatre. There is a tunnel to Main Street from the ramp. 2nd and 2nd is one block east of the Central/3rd Avenue Bridge over the […]

Dick Bernard: Three Opportunities At 100 Days of MAGA

The end of April marks the 100th day of MAGA (“Make America Great Again”). If you are even a tiny bit concerned about our future as a planet of people, here are three programs that are worth your time, more information accessible at GlobalSolutionsMN.org (Global Solutions Minnesota*) All information at home page of this website. […]

Shack II – Good Friday at the Basilica of Saint Mary. “God” Among Us.

SEE COMMENTS AT THE END OF THIS POST. In my tradition, today is Easter. Whatever your tradition, this day, all best for a happy one! (click to enlarge) March 17 at this space, I posted about the film and movie, The Shack. You can revisit it here. At the beginning of that post, I very […]

#1250 – Dick Bernard: “The World Is My Country”, the Garry Davis story

“When the people lead, the leaders will follow.” York Langton* Today begins the 2017 MSPIFF (Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival). The schedule promises “350+ films & events”. I highly recommend one film among the many options: “The World is My Country“, which has its World Premiere at the St. Anthony Main theater in Minneapolis, […]

#1249 – Dick Bernard: World Premiere “The World Is My Country” Minneapolis April 23

Anyone with an interest in and advocacy for Peace and Justice and International Issues will want to see this film, the story of Garry Davis, World Citizen #1. The World Premiere showing is Sunday afternoon April 23, 2:30 p.m. at the St. Anthony Main Theatre in Minneapolis. All details are here (The film is one […]

#1248 – Dick Bernard: A bit of nostalgia; and “fake news”

This afternoon was picture perfect in my town. It was too nice to stay indoors, so I decided to take a short trip down the old Military Road, ending up at Old Cottage Grove, in front of the Boondocks bar (which, from appearances, seemed to be closed….) (click to enlarge) It wasn’t a long trip […]