#1247 – Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg: Has the United Nations Become Irrelevant?

A recent note came from my long-time and very valued friend, Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg. His message was succinct. “I have recently had an invited essay published by the E-International Relations, Has the United Nations Become Irrelevant? I think that you will find it of interest, and will welcome any comments you care to make on […]

#1246 – Dick Bernard: Life and Death

As I write this post, decision time was at hand in the U.S. House of Representatives to replace what was derisively called “Obamacare” (The Affordable Care Act of 2010). Mid-paragraph came a bulletin that the first move to replacement, the American Health Care Act, failed. The apparent objective had been to figuratively kill “Obamacare” on […]

#1245 – Dick Bernard: The Flights – “City in the Sky”

“BREAKING NEWS”: About noon came the report of the incident at the area of Houses of Parliament in London. It will dominate the news cycle. I notice that greater London has about 8.6 million population. Every single thing will focus on the incident at Parliament. Politics and News Media find things like what happened in […]

#1244 – World Storytelling Day 2017, March 21, 2017

Yesterday, the first day of Spring, has, since 2003, also been called World Storytelling Day by an informal network of storytellers. This years theme is “Transformation”. If you’re in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area, and are looking for something to do this evening, Tuesday, March 21, come over to the Landmark Center in St. Paul for […]

#1243 – Dick Bernard: The Shack

(click to enlarge) A week ago, with son and daughter-in-law, we went to the film, The Shack, at a theater within a few blocks of Littleton CO’s Columbine High School (April 20, 1999). If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, take in “The Shack”. This is a “to each his (or her) own” […]

Dick Bernard: Planting Onions…and Glorious Flowers

Today’s post is a recollection about my Aunt and Uncle. Shortly, we leave for a few days vacation. This computer will lie quiet for awhile. The following post has nothing to do with politics…then again, it may have everything…. At the exact same time I was composing this, among many critical issues, the most important […]

#1241 – Donna Krisch: Diary of a Working Visit to El Paso. A Lenten Reflection

“SNIP” Feb. 27: “We decided on a menu of macaroni & cheese with tuna and peas, spaghetti and a carrot/yellow squash combo and apples. I started the meal and all at once was joined by a woman from Honduras who really knew how to cook. I speak basically no Spanish but could understand very well […]

Dick Bernard: The President Speaks….

There is a great deal to be said, after last night. Some of my opinion follows (there will be more said as time goes on.) A distillation of national opinions I always like is Just Above Sunset, this mornings edition here. 1. Probably the best commentary about the President’s speech last night is that the […]