Dick Bernard: An Old Photograph

Today is my oldest child, Tom’s, birthday. He shares the birthdate with my wife, and our daughter-in-law; and his great-grandfather, Henry Bernard, would be 145 today, were he still alive. And two days from now would be his great grandparent Ferd and Rosa Busch’s 112th wedding anniversary. Time marches on. (click to enlarge all photos. […]

Dick Bernard: Changing a Light Bulb

Two weeks ago we toured the newly renovated Minnesota State Capitol building. Renovation of the now 112 year old facility had been needed for years. Of course, renovation costs money, which means politics, which means delays, which means higher costs, which mean political advantage (or disadvantage). But that’s another story. This is about a light […]

Dick Bernard: One month.

Feb. 20: For a long and very good summary of the issues check this “weekly sift”, here. * Today ends the first month of the term of the 45th President of the United States. This means there are only 47 months – 98% of the term – to go. In a one mile race, our […]

Lynn Elling: An Anniversary; Thoughts About Peace on Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and today I’m remembering my friend, Lynn Elling, who died one year ago today, a few days short of 95 years. He was a remarkable guy. He walked the talk about Peace. I was honored to talk about him at his Memorial Service on May 1, last year. I wrote a bit […]

Dick Bernard: Killer or Healer? A Decision We All Need to Make

Sunday’s homily at Basilica of St. Mary was a powerful commentary on a portion of the Gospel of Matthew: “You shall not kill; and whoever kills will be liable to judgment. But I say to you, whoever is angry with brother will be liable to judgment.” (full text MT 5:20-22A, 2728, 33-34A, 37). Fr. Harry, […]

Dick Bernard: Three weeks after inauguration day. Letters to Judd

More on the topic of the 2017 Presidency here. (click to enlarge) The town in which we live, Woodbury MN, would be considered a prosperous suburban community just east of St. Paul. Sometimes I refer to it as “suburban 3M”, since 3Ms headquarters are nearby and many highly skilled employees live here. Politically, we’re probably […]

#1210 – Dick Bernard: A Men's Retreat

For several years I’ve spent a winter weekend at a Retreat for Men at the Franciscan Retreat and Spirituality Center in Prior Lake MN. I enthusiastically recommend both the Retreat and the Retreat Center. (Next years Men’s Retreat is the first weekend of February, 2018). This years theme: “Find the Missing Peace: Pathways to Prayer”. […]

Dick Bernard: The 15th day after inauguration.

Related Posts accessible here. Sunday till Thursday, the end of January, the beginning of February, 2017, we were visiting a friend who has lived for over 50 years in a northern Minnesota town of under 2,000. We have been there before – we are friends for many years. It is always a pleasant visit. Of […]