Dick Bernard: The Eighth Day

Other related posts here. from Fred: This Dutch film about The Donald is hilarious. Check it out. You need to have a Facebook account to open it. It is subtitled in English. And this, via Joyce, is on a more serious side. * Friday was the eighth day of the new administration in Washington. The […]

Barbara Gilbertson: "It was an amazing experience, the [Women's] March [on Washington, Jan. 21]".

NOTE: Barbara, of the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, is one of the two people I know who actually participated in the Women’s March Jan. 21, 2016. Barbara writes in response to my blog of January 24, 2016. In response to my request to reprint her response as a stand-alone post on my blog, […]

Dick Bernard: The Women's March, en avant!*

In my post on inauguration day Jan. 20, I said we planned to go to the Women’s March in St. Paul last Saturday. I’m getting over a cold, and the day was drizzly, and common sense prevailed: we took one of my daughters and two granddaughters to a movie, Moana, whose heroes (heroines? sheroes?) are […]

Friday, January 20, 2017. Some Thoughts Towards A Better World

Related posts: January 6, 10, 13, 24, 25, 28, Feb. 3, 9. Today, an event is happening at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. Some thoughts. * (click to enlarge photos) Last night I was at a meeting of 27 people, sponsored by Citizens for Global Solutions MN. I’m VP of the group, so I […]

August Wilson's "Fences"

Sunday night we went to the Denzel Washington film interpreting August Wilson’s play “Fences”. The film is very powerful. Here is detail of showing places and times for your area. Fences is one of ten August Wilson plays, representing the African-American experience in each of the ten decades of the 20th century. The play, like […]

#1203: The Time of Donald J. Trump begins one week from today.

Donald Trump becomes U.S. President on January 20. I’ll recognize that he is President, but in the 14 inaugurations since I turned 21 (then, the voting age), this one will pass me by minimally noticed. I’ve come to know Trump far too well for over a year: from his own mouth and Twitter; I’ve learned […]

#1202 – Dick Bernard: President Barack Obama

POSTNOTE: Here is President Obama’s farewell address. I remember, this evening, two events: 1. The day I first heard then Sen. Barack Obama speak at Target Center in Minneapolis MN, Feb 2, 2008 (click to enlarge) 2. The day we heard Michelle Obama speak powerfully at Macalester College in St. Paul MN October 13, 2008. […]

The Meeting.

Saturday, I participated in a planning meeting of an organization I’ve been part of for 13 years. A dozen of us – half male, half female – spent six hours talking about the things that generally go into organizations of all sorts. If we look tired in the above photo, it’s because we are. It […]

Dick Bernard: The New Year, 2017, and the Millennium Canons

This morning I was preparing for a planning meeting, tomorrow, of an organization in which I’ve* long been an active Board member. One of the preliminary papers to read was a “”Youth Statement”, produced by youth leaders” before 2004, “…to guide the organization’s leadership on how to outreach to younger members and activists.” Four lines […]