Uncle Vincent's Pastureland

Thoughts on the final day of 2016. Remembering a North Dakota farm family. (click to enlarge any photo) Since 1934 an impressive cottonwood tree has stood watch over the former Busch farm between Berlin and Grand Rapids ND. I took the above photo, and wrote a story about the tree in 2005. The story is […]

Dick Bernard: The U.S. Statement on Israel at the United Nations.

It might be useful to see what the U.S. really said at the UN about the settlement question on Dec. 28. It is a little long, but here it is. Possibly, Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement yesterday might be useful too. Here they are (there are several statements linked, including his specific speech on […]

Two Christmas Gifts

(click to enlarge illustrations) Tuesday brought an unexpected assignment: the kind that goes along with the general category of “honey, do….” Ellen, my spouse’s long-time friend, needed a ride to a doctors appointment, and there was a schedule conflict. I volunteered. Ellen is a long-time U.S. citizen, of African descent, whose accent betrays her growing […]

#1196 – Dick Bernard: Before the Electoral College in Minnesota

(click on photos to enlarge) I took seriously the notice: “Join us as we support Representative John Lesch at 11 am on Monday, December 19, in State Office Building Room 181 for a press conference announcing a National Popular Vote bill for Minnesota,” getting there not long after 10:30. Had to ask the guard where […]

#1195 – Dick Bernard: Hacking my Facebook, and the Tweet Dilemma, and a special guest.

A few days ago I got several e-mails reporting that my Facebook account had been hacked. There is something humiliating about such a violation of boundaries, but it happens. I changed my password (a story in itself), but decided not to close down and start over. I know, now, how to shut it down if […]

The Electoral College December 19, 2016

POSTNOTES: Of course, there have already been questions about what, why, etc. I don’t know the specific answers myself – this is basically without a precedent, going back almost to the founding of our country. Here are some links, provided by readers: from Madeline: Ask the Electors December 19, U.S. from Carol: Make Hillary Clinton […]

Frederic's Gift: A Message for Christmas 2016

In November, 1985, over 30 years ago, a single page letter arrived at my office in Hibbing MN. It was from June Johnson, a teacher of English at Bigfork (MN) High School, who edited our Teacher union newsletter, Top of the Range. Her reminiscence is from the 1940s most likely in the general area of […]

Dick Bernard: One month after November 8, 2016

Post-Election, here is my personal “favorite” political statement about us, as I saw in Rochester MN five days before the 2016 election. It says so much…. Click to enlarge. * * * * * On the morning of Nov. 10, a good friend of mine, who rarely ventures into politics, sent a brief e-mail which […]

The 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor: A Sailor and his Ship, the USS Arizona

You can easily determine the photographers location when he took the above photo by comparing with the following painting. (click to enlarge any illustrations). I’ve written often about my Dad’s brother, my Uncle Frank Bernard, who perished on board the USS Arizona, Dec. 7, 1941. My reference link with his – and my – story […]

#1190 – Dick Bernard: My Brush with Fidel and Cuba.

A few mornings ago a friend at a neighboring table asked “out of the blue”, “so, are you going to Cuba?” This was a head-scratcher. At the time, I hadn’t learned that Fidel Castro had just died in Cuba. At any rate, while I have an interest in Cuba, generally, my life doesn’t revolve around […]