"Before the Flood" with Leonardo di Caprio

I watched this powerful film on Climate Change last night. You can watch on-line (the National Geographic Channel) here. This film is a new release, one hour, 41 minutes, gripping and compelling. I’ll say no more. Take the time…. More information on other ways to watch this video are here.

Dick Bernard: Meeting a Witch.

First, a significant program which will be accessible worldwide for the next week, beginning tonight on the National Geographic Channel. Details here. This film, “Before the Flood”, is Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary on Climate Change, on the National Geographic Channel tonight, and gives details on the many free access points for the film on the web […]

Dick Bernard: Two Gentle Books for Peaceful People….

The old ballad comes to mind as I begin this post: “Home, home on the range, where the deer and the Antelope play, where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day.” As this latest round of “daily dismal” – the 2016 election season – nears an end, I’d […]

Dick Bernard: The Down-Ballot Elections.

What candidates and issues are on your Nov. 8 Minnesota ballot? Check here for specifics. Last night, Oct. 25, I went to the local League of Women Voters “Meet the Candidates” Forum in Woodbury. The Forum was divided into two parts: 1) the six candidates for State Senate and House of Representatives; 2) the ten […]

Dick Bernard: "The Times They are a-changing".

From 1983-91, I lived and worked in Hibbing MN. My office was on the Main Street, 402 E Howard St, the Teske Building, and I lived in an apartment about three blocks away on 1st Ave. Those days I often went by the boyhood home of Bobby Zimmerman, and since I worked for school teachers […]

Green Card Youth Voices: A Special Event Thursday evening, October 21.

This Thursday, Oct 20, from 6:45 – 8:45 p.m., three young people, all immigrants and “Green Card Youth” in Minnesota, will share experiences and perspectives on living in the United States. The program is free and open to the public, at Plymouth Congregational Church, (Jackman Room), 1900 Nicollet Avenue S (between LaSalle and Nicollet at […]

Dick Bernard: The Election is Three Weeks from Today: "Trustworthy"? "Honesty"? and Down-Ballot

My own strong endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President, since 2008, has long been “on the record”. The essential information is here, (note the brief section below the stamps.) Minnesotans have been able to cast their ballots since late September. I guess I’m a traditionalist: I’ll likely join the line at our local polling place […]


NOTE: The sole purpose of this post is to convey a three page proposal very recently written by my friend and mentor, Dr. Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Distinguished International Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, and Director, The Workable World Trust. This is shared with Dr. Schwartzberg’s permission. It is my hope that you will further share […]

#1169 – Dick Bernard: A 175th Birthday in St. Paul; "In the Beginning, there was a Chapel"

Yesterday, I took a short trip to St. Paul, to a park at the corner of Kellogg Blvd and Minnesota Street, overlooking the Mississippi River. (click photos to enlarge) 175 years ago, in October, 1841, eight French-Canadians, migrants from Red River country, built a log chapel overlooking the Mississippi River at the point marked by […]

#1168 – Dick Bernard: The Sunday Night Debate, two days later.

It is one month until election day. My personal position is here. In this post I want to focus on an important, slightly noticed, aspect of Sunday nights debate. (click to enlarge) Sunday night I watched the entire debate from St. Louis. Yesterday, a long-time friend told of a Dad, who watched the debate with […]