#1166 – Dick Bernard: The Presidential Debate, and a Look Back at some 1927 Debates in the United States… "And Nothing But The Truth"

September 27: DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT, AND DO YOU HAVE COMMENTS ABOUT THE DEBATE? Let me know. We went to a house party in the area. There were 25 of us, “birds of a feather” I’d guess, all of us serious demeanor and very attentive. I felt Secretary Clinton did a very good job: […]

#1165 – Dick Bernard: Hillary Clinton, the 2016 United States Elections, with emphasis on the "s".

UPDATE: Followup Posts to Sep 24: 27. Related post about the Sep. 26, 2016 Debate A look back at 1927 debates. 28. Oct 8, 2016: The Gathering at the Band Shell. 29. Oct. 11, 2016: The Sunday night debate, two days later. 30. Oct. 18, 2016: “Trustworthy”? “Honesty”? 31. Oct. 22, 2016: “The Times They […]

#1164 – Dick Bernard: A Friend, Annelee Woodstrom, turns 90

Today, up in Ada, MN, there will be a little party for our friend, Annelee (Anneliese Soelch) Woodstrom, who is about to turn 90. I say “little”, facetiously. When someone has lived in a town for 57 years; was a longtime teacher in the area public schools (Twin Valley); is a well known author, still […]

ScienceDebate.org: Released today: U.S. President Candidates Respond to Science Questions.

NOTE: Set aside adequate time to really closely review this link, released today: U.S. Presidential Candidates Answer ScienceDebate 2016 Questions. ScienceDebate.org has, since before the 2012 Presidential Election, been advocating for candidates for public office to answer specific questions related to Science and public policy. The above link is a major and long overdue and […]

#1163 – Dick Bernard: 9-11-16, and the dark days of 2001-2009

Friday, my wife and I and our 87 year old neighbor Don, went to the local theatre to be among the first to see the new movie, Sully, the incredible story of the emergency landing of an airliner in the Hudson River off NYC in January, 2009. “How can you take a 90 second event […]

#1162 – Dick Bernard: Labor Day, back to school for most of Minnesota's school kids.

From Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune about the recovery of Jacob Wetterlings body more than 25 years after he was kidnapped near St. Joseph MN and killed in October, 1979: here is the local news. Jacob is at peace, and the lessons of his tragic death live on through the dedication of his family and many […]

#1161 – Dick Bernard: Two deaths on a lovely and lonely beach.

Thursday morning I woke up to a bit of news that two people had been found by a solitary kayaker, dead on a beach in Washington state. Nothing about that kind of tragedy is particularly unusual: such events are every day on our news. It seemed to have been a murder/suicide. The death was 1500 […]

#1160 – Peter Barus on politics; plus, an opportunity to view the entire 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

NOTE from Dick Bernard: Peter commented after last weeks post on Swiftboating Hillary Clinton. His always perceptive remarks are below. He writes from Vermont. His previous posts can be found here. In addition, recently I received the link to all of the plenary session talks at the outstanding 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis. […]