#1159 – Dick Bernard: Ruby Fitzgerald. Farewell to a gentle lady.

The note announcing the death of Ruby Fitzgerald, age 95, began with a photo (below) and ended with a brief note “The tiny plaque pictured on the front of this card graced Ruby’s kitchen wall for most of her life.” (click on picture to enlarge) Saturday, I was fortunate to be in a room filled […]

#1158 – The "Swift-boating" of Hillary Clinton: the e-mails and Clinton Global Initiative and whatever else is next….

An 1879 Essay about Running for President by Mark Twain: here Many days when I walk I wear a perfectly good old t-shirt that goes back to the summer of 2004. (click to enlarge) It was the year John Kerry (now U.S. Secretary of State) ran for President against George W. Bush. And it was […]

#1157 – Dick Bernard: Two Books Well Worth a Read: Shawn Otto’s "The War on Science"; and Lois Phillips Hudson’s "Unrestorable Habitat"

Back in January a mysterious e-mail appeared in my in-box from someone named Cynthia. She had googled the name Lois Phillips Hudson to see if anything would come up, and found me. More on Mrs. Hudson’s book, “Unrestorable Habitat“, “below the fold”… (click to enlarge photos) A few months later came an invitation to hear […]

#1156 – Changing the Political Conversation: Two Remarkable Events.

Voter Registration Rules by State: here. Very useful handy guide. Share. An appeal for a more civil political conversation from the Benedictines in Duluth MN: here. Special thanks to Molly. Monday’s celebration of Minnesota former Gov. Wendy Anderson‘s life was both uplifting and emotional – I attended…and I’m a person who met him only twice, […]

#1155 – Governor Wendell R. Anderson

This afternoon, Monday Aug. 15, at 2 p.m., is the Memorial Service for “Wendy” Anderson at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, 5025 Knox Ave S. (50th and Knox) in south Minneapolis. His obituary can be read here. I only met Gov. Anderson twice, both in 2008-09, the second at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Festival at […]

#1154 – Dick Bernard: The Danger of Dog Whistle Politics.

Yesterday, Donald Trump made a statement about the Second Amendment and Hillary Clinton. Just Above Sunset summarizes reporting on the event here. This morning my friend, Joyce, sent the link to a New York Times column by Thomas Friedman remembering the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin Nov. 4, 1995, and drawing parallels to the Trump comment. […]

#1153 – Dick Bernard: The Minnesota Primary Election

Today is Minnesota’s Primary election. If Minnesota is your home state, and you’re an eligible voter, take the time to vote, and vote well informed, and pass the word. The information you need is easily accessible: here. Most places you’ll see that this is a “boring election”. There are few races. But boring elections are […]

#1152 – Dick Bernard: The Newspaper; Government by Twitter

Those interested in why I very strongly support Hillary Clinton for President can read my post from Sunday here. The post includes several comments pro and con as well. Personally, I always find the perspectives of Just Above Sunset informative. The latest is here. (click on all photos to enlarge) Monday evening came one of […]