#1151 – Dick Bernard: Why I'm Supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States

I have been and continue to be public in my enthusiastic support for Hillary Clinton for U.S. President. I have supported her as a leader since before the Minnesota Precinct Caucuses in February, 2008. She is a leader I have long admired. More on that “below the fold”…. This is a very long post (over […]

#1150 – Dick Bernard: The Latest Deadly Nutcase.

This mornings headline in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: “The Gunman’s Rampage At German Mall Kills 9” This latest killing strikes me even more than most because just a few hours before the murders happened, I was visiting with my friend from Paris, who has friends and relatives in Nice, France (none of whom were in […]

#1149 – Dick Bernard: The Maestro gives a Shout-out

POSTNOTE JULY 23: Munich. My plan a few days ago was to watch the Republican Convention on TV… (continued after “shout-out”) The Shout-out. Two weeks ago, Saturday July 9, we took Don, our neighbor across the street, to Sommerfest at Orchestra Hall. The hall this particular evening seemed packed, even though the featured soloist on […]

#1148 – Dick Bernard: The First Night of the RNC 2016

POSTNOTE: A new friend, a retired North Dakota farmer my age, linked me to Ken Burns 2016 Stanford University Commencement address: The address is pertinent, and well worthy of your time, here. My intention was to watch the RNC this year. I lasted part of the first hour last night. I left about the time […]

#1147 – Wendell R. Anderson, Minnesota Governor, World Citizen, Feb. 1, 1933 – July 17, 2016

Today’s local news will be full of news about Wendell R. Anderson, Governor of Minnesota, 1971-78; Minnesota legislator from 1959 forward. I will be hoping for mention of the Governors key role in Minnesota’s Declaration of World Citizenship, signed March 26, 1971, by Governor Anderson and the entire range of Minnesota’s political and civil leadership; […]

#1146 – Dick Bernard: The 2008 Republican National Convention. Remembering Peace Island and other things.

The Facebook album with 120 photos I took at and around the time of the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul in 2008, Aug 30 – Sep 4, are accessible here. If you access through this page, I believe you do not need a Facebook account to view these photos. The program for the […]

#1145 – Peter Barus: A Reflection following tragedies: I lost friends to violent murder last year…

PRENOTE: In the wake of Falcon Heights and Dallas last week, Peter sent the following reflections. We agreed I would post this on return from an out of town trip. Dick * Been a long time since. It’s always good to read your writings. Feel free to post this response. You have a way of […]

#1144 – Dick Bernard: The "Incident" in Falcon Heights MN July 6, 2016

NOTE: Responses welcome, to: dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom. Indicate if you are willing to share your reponse; it and others will be included in a later post at this space. Thursday, I posted about the 100th anniversary of the end of the awful carnages in 1916 at the Somme and Verdun, France. Jeff, who recommended the reminder of […]

#1143 – Dick Bernard: WWI, a Dreadful One Hundredth Anniversary, and another Gun Incident Close to Home.

POSTNOTE 1 a.m. Friday July 8: When I posted the below less than 12 hours ago, I was hardly aware of the shooting of the African-American citizen in Falcon Heights, a town in which I used to live; at a location I knew well, along a walking route I used to take in the early […]

#1142 – Dick Bernard: The State Department E-mails, and a Personal Reflection Back

I write after FBI Director Comey has made his report on the Hillary Clinton e-mails a few hours ago. The assorted “spheres” will make of the report as they will, over, and over, and over, and over…. Permit me a moment to share a bit of historical perspective. It happens that in the last few […]