#1133 – Dick Bernard: A Presidential visit to Hiroshima. Now it's up to us.

The annual Memorial Day observance of Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 is today, 9:30-10:30, at the Vietnam Memorial on the Minnesota State Capitol Grounds, St. Paul. This is always a meaningful observance. (click on photos to enlarge them) (I submitted the following commentary to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 20, 2016) The scheduled visit of […]

Peter Barus: A Talk By Amy Goodman

NOTE: Peter is a longtime great friend from rural Vermont. He is an occasional and always welcome visitor at this space. On May 22, he had an opportunity to hear journalist Amy Goodman in Troy, New York. His comments follow, with his permission. (click to enlarge) Peter Barus: May/22/2016 Amy Goodman spoke last night at […]

#1132- Dick Bernard: The Spymasters, and related.

Last night we watched what I’d consider a must-watch two hour special on CBS’ 48 Hours: “The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs“. If you missed it, I think you can watch it on-line here. Ordinarily these are shown free for a very limited amount of time. Succinctly, we live in a complicated world. The constant […]

Mark Ritchie on Expo 2023, Thursday evening, June 9, 2016, The Woman's Club, Minneapolis MN

“Wellness And Well Being For All: Healthy People, Healthy Planet”: that is the working theme for the proposed Expo 2023 in Minnesota. Former Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has been having conversations about the idea since 2014 and a look at the projects website gives much interesting information. Thursday evening, June 9, Ritchie will […]

#1131 – Dick Bernard: Random Acts of Inspiration

For many years, actually until quite recently, the prestigious Walker Art Center in Minneapolis had an impossible to miss work of art on its wall on Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis: “Bits and Pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole.” (You can see its former presentation at Walker here.) I would guess […]

#1130 – Dick Bernard: West Virginia, and on we go.

Last Tuesday, I gave personal impressions of the Presidential Primary season as of the day of the Indiana Primary Election, May 3. At the beginning of that post (here) are a few comments in response to the May 3 post. Yesterday were the West Virginia and Nebraska primaries. Yes, there was a Presidential Primary in […]

#1129 – Dick Bernard: In Praise of Exasperating People. A Thought for Mother's Day.

Last Sunday I had the honor of saying a few words at the celebration of the life of a friend who I’d known the last seven years of his near 95 years; and later that day more words at a now-annual dinner that wouldn’t exist were it not for him. (More details on both can […]

#1128 – Dick Bernard: A Political Conversation on the day of the Indiana Primary.

Comments following publication of this post: from Flo: I appreciate your perspective but your piece appears to fail to recognize how Trump has risen to the top of the heap in the Republicans with just the support of disgruntled Americans who want to see somebody “stick it to” somebody else, with no thought of the […]