#1118 – Dick Bernard: A Thought at Easter. Le Don du Sourire (The Gift of a Smile)

Recently I have been reviewing the index of 22 years, 1980-2002, of the newsletters Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles. These 145 “kitchen table” publications were for those of French-Canadian and French heritage, and affection, primarily in the upper midwest of the United States. In the midst of the project, at page 651, I found […]

#1117 – Dick Bernard: "The Two Wolves", Deux. Brussels.

Mondays post (here), led with this: “I have always liked the oft-repeated story about the “wolves” within each of us: The Two Wolves. Which Wolf Do You Feed?“. I had intended it as lead on another topic, but the Presidents visit to Cuba “bumped” the other. Now a new terrorist tragedy in Brussels, Belgium bumps […]

#1116 – Dick Bernard: The Two Wolves…. A springtime reflection. And President Obama Visits Cuba.

I have always liked the oft-repeated story about the “wolves” within each of us: The Two Wolves. Which Wolf Do You Feed? Sunday President Obama flew into Havana and is there through today. The predictable positioning takes place in the media and from the chattering political class: what he’s doing is wonderful; it is treasonous; […]

#1115 – Dick Bernard: A Sad First Day of Spring, 13 years ago. The Day the Bombs Fell on Baghdad.

A few days ago a good friend, Barry, sent some of his friends, including myself, a brief e-mail: “This week on March 20 marks the 13th anniversary of our invasion of Iraq. I encourage you all to send of letters to the editor and remind folks what a fiasco that was and continues to be. […]

#1114 – Dick Bernard: Bienvenue Canada, the Trudeaus & French-Canadians

Much more information about the French in Minnesota available here and here. What is your heritage? What is your story? Comment/Questions/Stories are welcome: dick_bernardATmsnDOTcom. (For many more stories, simply put the words Collette or Bernard in the search box of this blog.) I’m in the midst of updating the index of a small French-Canadian newsletter, […]

#1113 – Dick Bernard: The Michigan Primary Election.

This election season I’ve tried to make sense of the assorted “races” in the early preliminary “wars” over who’s “winning” the election for President, 2016. Previously, I posted about Iowa, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. Here’s the morning after data about Michigan. 7,292,065 – Registered Voters 2,515,911 – Total Voters This, and following from official data […]

#1112 – Dick Bernard: Welcoming Refugees

POSTNOTE March 7: Here is a powerful video from Kathy, who says: “Here is a short video recently completed under IARP [Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project Minnesota] guidance. A refugee story of recent reluctant Iraqi refugee. Ali lives here in Mpls. now. I find his telling of his story quite impactful.” PRE-NOTE: If you haven’t […]

#1111 – Dick Bernard: An Ask: Help "Green Card Voices" reach its goal and continue its mission

March 1 an e-mail from Tea Rozman-Clark, Executive Director of Green Card Voices announced a fundraiser which ends Sunday night. I enthusiastically support this fundraiser for this wonderful, indeed essential, organization whose purpose is to celebrate the contributions of immigrants to the United States (thus “Green Card”). You can contribute here. I just looked at […]

#1110 – Dick Bernard: One view of one Minnesota Precinct Caucus on Super Tuesday March 1, 2016

POSTS about Michigan, Iowa and New Hampshire are accessible here. More personal comments about Minnesota are found at end of this post, for March 2 and 7, 2016. Our Precinct Caucus was one mile from our front door. The traffic was so heavy that it would have made more sense to walk than to drive, […]