#1109 – Dick Bernard: Leap Year, Feb. 29, 2004. Haiti revisited.

December 6-13, 2003, I made my first visit to Haiti. There were a half-dozen of us in a group led by Paul Miller. I knew little about Haiti. We spent our time in Port-au-Prince visiting assorted persons, idealists all, enthusiasts for democracy, who were allied with the cause of then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. There was a […]

#1108 – Dick Bernard: A Leaf Flutters to Earth

My friend, Wayne Wittman, won’t be at his Minnesota Precinct Caucus on Tuesday, March 1. My guess is he’d never miss his Precinct Caucus. He was always an activist. From his obituary: “Wayne lived every day of his 86 years to the fullest. He had a long, satisfying career, a family he deeply loved (who […]

#1107 – Dick Bernard: A Beachhead at Tarawa: A Farewell to Lynn Elling, a Man of Peace

My friend Lynn Elling died early today, Valentine’s Day, 2016. Lynn was four days short of age 95. His daughter, Sandy, said “I think he may have planned to head up to Heaven on Valentines Day to be with his life long sweetheart, my mom, so it is quite fitting.” Lots of words will be […]

#1106 – Dick Bernard: Hillary and Bernie (or, is it Bernie and Hillary?)

Cathy and I were among 4,000 people who heard Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each give long speeches in person at the Annual Minnesota DFL (Democrat Farmer Labor) Party Humphrey-Mondale dinner Friday night, February 12. Here are their bios, as printed in the program booklet: Hillary & Bernie 2-12-16001 Both candidates were respectfully and enthusiastically […]

#1105 – Dick Bernard: The New Hampshire Primary…and us.

After the Iowa caucuses I posted, here, an unconventional look at the data. Every state has different procedures for selecting their delegates to the national political conventions, so New Hampshire’s Primary processes are different, though you could hardly tell from the endless (and conflicting) analyses about what the results from each state meant. Each party […]

#1104 – Dick Bernard: Revisiting "The Bones of Plenty"; and Lois Phillips Hudson's Reflective Testimony to Ourselves and Coming Generations: "Unrestorable Habitat: Microsoft Is My Neighbor Now".

UPDATE May 1, 2016: The official Lois Phillips Hudson website is here. UPDATE Feb. 27, 2016: Six pages from North Dakota State University (Fargo) Archives, Feb. 23, 2016. Hudson NDSU Arch001Mrs. Hudson taught at NDSU 1967-69. * In 1962, Lois Phillips Hudson published “The Bones of Plenty”. A New York Times Book Review commentary said […]

#1103 – Dick Bernard: The Iowa Primaries and Ourselves

Only one piece of data interested me related to the just completed Iowa Caucuses: How many people participated in those caucuses? A day after the caucus, a news program briefly flashed the numbers: Republican: about 186,000 Democrat: about 171,000 A quick search of the Iowa Secretary of State data base shows Iowa with 2,090,298 registered […]

#1102 – Dick Bernard: "Perfect Pitch". A tradition lives on.

Today it is one year since my Uncle Vincent Busch died in LaMoure ND. He was 90, and my last survivor of the generation preceding mine. This past twelve months has been filled with reminiscing about various aspects of the family of 11 people who made the North Dakota farm a home for 110 years. […]