#1085 – Dick Bernard: Giving Thanks

This is the first year I can recall not purchasing or sending or giving a single Thanksgiving card. I was thinking about that this morning, then it occurred to me that I was making my judgment about reality based on television news, which has truly become the “daily dismal”, particularly in recent days (not everyone […]

#1083 – Dick Bernard: Let Us All Make A Happy Thanksgiving.

Antoine Leiris’ powerful message to the terrorists who killed his wife in Paris, November 13, 2015. As of this morning over 50,000,000 views on Facebook: here Thursday, at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, the November 2015 Program Notes included this Thanksgiving Essay by Dan Chouinard. It is presented here as both pdf ( Dan Chouinard002) and […]

#1082 – Dick Bernard: Paris, the 6th day.

New Post Nov. 20: Let us all make a Happy Thanksgiving Postnote from Dick, Nov 19, 2015: Today we were at Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, for a magnificent performance of Tchaikovsky’s magnificent Symphony No. 6 in B minor Opus 74, Pathetique. In the November 2015 program notes (p. 18) was an Essay, “Thanksgiving” in French, by […]

#1081 – Dick Bernard: Paris, November 13, 2015

SEE POSTNOTE AT END OF THIS POST: We learned of the unfolding tragedy in Paris last Friday evening. Immediately, at 5:55 p.m. I sent a quick note to our friend, long-time Parisian, Christine: “The tragedy is, of course, being heavily covered here in the U.S…thoughts are with you and everyone.” In minutes came Christine’s reply: […]

#1080 – Dick Bernard: Armistice Day 2015

Today, November 11, I participated in Veterans for Peace (VFP) Armistice Day commemoration as I always do. This year we were at Landmark Center auditorium in St. Paul. I thought back to the first Armistice Day I remember, at very busy Gatwick Airport in suburban London, England, November 11, 2001. We were about to board […]

#1079 – Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg; Ehtasham Anwar: Videos and Papers presented at the Workable World Conference October 9&10, 2015 in Minneapolis; and Ehtasham Anwars Video Interviews of Minnesota Peacemakers, May – June 2014.

PRENOTE from Dick Bernard: This post contains links to talks by 11 speakers at a recent conference on the United Nations system at 70; and to two videos which summarize thoughts of ten peace and justice advocates on their experiences in the United States. (Content for these is accessible in the section labeled “THE VIDEOS”, […]

#1078 – Dick Bernard: North Dakota and South Dakota in 1912. A school textbook freezes a year in time.

Today, November 1, 2015, is the 365th day of North and South Dakota’s 125th anniversary as states of the U.S. Tomorrow they’re 126 – that’s a bit like having been 21, and now you’re 22. It seems a good day to remember a bit more of that good year, the 125th…. (click to enlarge all […]