#1077 – Dick Bernard: Remembering Sandy Peterson, two Unions, and a Merger

Sandra Peterson died on October 24, 2015. Her death was local news in Minnesota. She deserves the kudos which are coming her way. She was a visionary leader. (click to enlarge) I knew Sandy as a union leader, first of MFT, then Education Minnesota, “back in the day”. It was to be expected that she […]

#1076 – Ehtasham Anwar: Seeking an answer to a disconnect: Americans as Peaceful People; and America's International Image as Warmonger.

PRE-NOTE to this post from Dick Bernard at end of this post. The two 25 minute videos referred to by Mr. Anwar in his last paragraph can be accessed at his Facebook page, here. See Dreamworld section. Personally, this is the most important project I feel I have ever been involved in. My hope is […]

#1075 – Dick Bernard: A Prairie Home Companion comes back home to Anoka.

POSTNOTE Oct. 25, 6 a.m.: Here’s last nights program at the Anoka High School Fieldhouse: Prairie Home Anoka001. You can listen to the program here. It was a phenomenal evening. More comments later today. (click to enlarge photo) * Tomorrow, tickets in hand, we’re off to see the Prairie Home Companion (PHC) – I’ve had […]

#1074 – Dick Bernard: The newest crisis at Congress in Washington D.C.

Lots of people despise “politics”, even though the very essence of politics is people like you and me. It is easy to blame “them” (choose your favorite “them”). In reality, it is all of us who vote, who never vote, who make demands that are impossible to satisfy. Politics is all of us. Period. I […]

#1073 – Dick Bernard: Concert Today in St. Paul, 1 PM: "From Darkness to Light: A Journey Toward Peace & Reconciliation"

Peace is possible. Just take a look at St. Paul, Minnesota, and its Sister City, Nagasaki, Japan. (click to enlarge photo. pdf here: Civic Symphony Oct 18 15002) By chance I was at St. Paul’s Landmark Center yesterday, at the same time as the St. Paul Civic Symphony was doing its final rehearsal for this […]

#1072 – Dick Bernard: September's Song, "When the days dwindle down, to a precious few…." Don and Stan and Ted and Jessica and all of us.

It was quite a week, including Thursday at the Minnesota Orchestra where our 87 year old friend, Don, and I, watched 92 year old Stanislaw Skrowaczewski conduct Schumanns Concerto in A Minor for Cello and Orchestra, Opus 129, and Bruckners Symphony No. 7 in E major. MN Orch Oct 15 105002. I go to concerts […]

#1071 – Dick Bernard: Getting perspective on the UN System at 70.

Click to enlarge any photos. First things first: it is impossible to summarize the Workable World Conference I attended on Friday and Saturday, October 9&10, at the University of Minnesota. Here is the program booklet: Workable World Speakers Oct 9-10 2015. The entire conference, every speaker, was videotaped for later use, and later there will […]

#1070 – Dick Bernard: Bombing the Hospital in Afghanistan. Who's at fault about the killings in Roseburg, Oregon…?

If you watch the news at all, it is not necessary to define the very recent topics in the subject line, at least in the terms that they have been reported, and your personal feelings about them. In my opinion, both give we Americans an opportunity to take stock of ourselves: how each and every […]

#1069 – Dick Bernard: A Conversation about the United Nations: Looking at the UN at 70

Friday and Saturday, Oct 9&10in Minneapolis, is the Workable World Conference devoted to ideas about transforming the UN system. All details are here. Registration is still open. Here is the program of speakers at the event: Workable World Speakers Oct 9-10 2015 Workable World endeavors to take a look at the United Nations at 70, […]

#1068 – Dick Bernard: In Love With a Gun.

(click to enlarge) In 2013 I happened to come into possession of a book of poems, “Lyrics of the Prairie” by a retired professor at the college I attended beginning in 1958. Soren Kolstoe (bio here: Kolstoe,Soren-History) had retired right before I began my four years, but he was legendary at Valley City State Teacher’s […]