#1067 – Dick Bernard: French-Canadian Special Event on Genealogy, Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Oct 2, 2015

Friday evening, October 2, the French-American Heritage Foundation (FAHF) hosts a special event focusing on genealogy in Maple Grove MN. All details are here. Time is short, so check this now, if interested*. The event venue is in the heart of what used to be one of the French-Canadian rural settlement centers in what is […]

#1066: Dick Bernard: The Pope's Speech to the U.S. Congress September 24, 2015

In my September 21 post, I described Pope Francis as a transformational figure, setting a new tone for the global conversation, not only among Catholics. He had just arrived in the United States. Today he leaves. Nothing changes in my personal assessment of this Pope. I was most interested in his address to Congress on […]

#1065 – Dick Bernard: Creating a Workable World: Transforming the United Nations System

Friday evening and Saturday,October 9&10, at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Dr. Joe Schwartzberg’s book, Transforming the United Nations System, will help focus attention on transformation of the United Nations, this year celebrating its 70th birthday. All details about this “Creating a Workable World” conference, including about conference convenor Joe Schwartzberg, […]

#1064 – Dick Bernard: The International Day of Peace; A Pope and the Year of Mercy*

Today I went to the third event I knew about relating to International Day of Peace in this area. I described each of them a few days ago, here. It was a joy, not a chore, to go to these events. This afternoons was a particularly gentle set of songs presented by Ensemble Music as […]

#1063 – Dick Bernard: The International Day of Peace 2015

The United Nations has had an International Day of Peace since 1982; and in 2001, set the day for future annual observances as the autumnal equinox, September 21, of each year. The theme is “an annual day of non-violence and cease fire” (The observance of Peace Day at the United Nations in 2001 happened to […]

#1062 – Dick Bernard: The "Debates"

Last night I turned off the “telley” at 6:30. I missed the “debates” from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley California. Not that there is much to miss. The combatants (that’s what they are) are practicing refining their hopefully winning message to a certain subset of the American electorate who will, in a few months, […]

#1061 – Dick Bernard: September 11

NOTE: I’ve added a postnote to this post. Seventy years ago today, September 11, 1945, my mother’s brother – my Uncle and Navy Lieutenant George Busch – was on board the Destroyer, the USS Woodworth, which had anchored the day before in Tokyo Bay. (WWII was over, the surrender signed nearby on September 2, 1945.) […]

#1060 – Dick Bernard: The First Day of School

This year is rather unusual in Minnesota. A very late Labor Day means that there have been some deviations from the normal mandatory day after Labor Day start to the 2015-16 school year. Nonetheless, the evening just past was doubtless a nervous one for K-12 students and their teachers and other school staff as the […]

#1059 – Dick Bernard: The Little Kurdish Boy who Drowned, continued.

Saturdays post brought an emotionally powerful response from our friend, Annelee, who grew up in Nazi Germany and was 18 when the war ended in May, 1945. Her comment, here, is worth reading, carefully, and applying to our own lives. Sunday morning, enroute to Church in downtown Minneapolis, I met two buses whose signage said […]

#1058 – Dick Bernard: The Humanitarian Crises that we watch on Television. That little Kurdish boy who drowned….

It was heart-wrenching to see this picture in an e-mail this morning: (click to enlarge) Here is the text of the e-mail: “Join us on Sunday, September 4 [6?], at Minnehaha Park [Minneapolis MN] to DEMAND an end to inhumane treatment of refugees, an end to tight border regulations and border walls, an end to […]