#1040 – Dick Bernard: A Community Theatre. Les Miserables

At some points in our lives we all experience an “as good as it gets” moment or two. For me, one of those times happened five minutes from our house, on June 25, when the local Community Theatre staged a magnificent version of Les Miserables. Here’s the program for the evening: Les Miserables002, and below […]

#1039 – Dick Bernard: The South Carolina Confederate Flag Debate

(click to enlarge) Last night I saw on television much of the remarks of South Carolina State Senator Paul Thurmond, son of Strom Thurmond, making a strong argument for removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds. He seemed somewhat nervous, but sincere and impassioned. A distillation of his remarks was in […]

#1038 – Dick Bernard: The Barn Roof

PRE-NOTE: I’ve added to the beginning of yesterdays post material from Basilica of St. Mary today regarding the change in Bishops in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. I have also included a link to Pope Francis recent encyclical on “Care for Our Common Home” (the earth). * (click to enlarge photos) This is the first […]

#1037 – Dick Bernard: Compassion and Flags and a call to action.

POSTNOTE: Sunday, June 21: This morning at Basilica of St. Mary, a two page handout gave q&a’s about the recent happenings in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis regarding the resignation of the Archbishop and one of the Auxiliary Bishops. The Priest, Ft. Greg Welch, gave his homily on today’s gospel, and as I told him […]

#1036 – Dick Bernard: Political Talk. It's way past time we look at our own personal role in all of this.

Directly related, for leisure reading, what seems to be a good site on Civil Discourse, here. In the state that works, Minnesota, we have again witnessed the absurd government-by-posturing where the Senate and House and Governor desperately attempt to avoid another government shutdown, even the thought of which was never necessary in the first place. […]

#1035 – Dick Bernard: A Visit to the Commons, led by Jay Walljasper

(click to enlarge) On May 21, 27 of us were given a fascinating tour of the Commons we all share by Jay Walljasper, and how we can constructively engage in and improve those Commons. For those who like to “cut to the chase”, here is speaker Jay Walljaspers web-home; and another website he strongly recommended. […]

#1034 – Dick Bernard: Virgil Benoit on Minnesota's Metis and French-Canadians

May 19, a jam-packed room of us were treated to a one-hour presentation by Dr. Virgil Benoit, a man who needs no introduction to those with background as Metis or French-Canadian. The below photos are from the session (click to enlarge). Here is a one hour podcast of Dr. Benoit’s talk. It speaks for itself. […]

#1033 – Dick Bernard: The Great Olden Days of the 1950s

A couple of days ago a friend sent me this forward. It is an intriguing piece of video, especially for someone like me who was 10 in 1950 and 20 in 1960. It only takes two minutes to view. Take a look and return. There is, of course, lots to agree with, especially if you […]