#1008 – Dick Bernard: The Negotiations With Iran: "Eve of Destruction" or "Dawn of Correction"?

Last nights news had a rather dismal looking visual image: a rectangular table in Switzerland, around which were sitting many very serious and not at all confident looking men and women, attempting to come to some agreement about the general issue of nuclear and relationships between their own countries and Iran. The general story was […]

#1007 – Dick Bernard: Esperanto, a Language for All

(click to enlarge photos) Since the time I met him a dozen years ago, my friend, Dr. Joe Schwartzberg, always worked into his programs his Affirmation of Human Oneness, which he first wrote in 1976. As I got to know him, I came to learn that he’d been working to have the Affirmation, in English, […]

#1006 – Dick Bernard: The Plane Disaster in France. Thinking about Flying….

NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: 1. Links to full length videos of about 10 talks at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Mar 6-8 can be accessed in the first paragraph, here 2. The entire 90 minute video of the powerful Seven Stories from Vietnam on Mar 20 can now be accessed, also in the first para, here. […]

#1005 – Dick Bernard: Photos of Positive People, and a Call to Act.

(click to enlarge) There are lots of good things going on in the world, every day, every where. This fact is easy to miss in a contemporary media environment that incessantly emphasizes bad news. But all one needs to do is to look around, listen, and get engaged. Here’s a little photo gallery, with small […]

#1004 – Kathy McKay: Going to Selma, 2015; Remembering 1965

The Selma, Alabama, march was actually two marches. The first, March 7, 1965, was the confrontation at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma; the second began March 21, 1965, and ended four days later at the capitol in Montgomery. My friend, Kathy McKay, decided to go to Selma March 6-7 to remember 50 years ago. […]

#1003 – Dick Bernard: A Remarkable Evening Remembering the Vietnam War

UPDATE Mar 27, 2014: Bill Sorem filmed the entire event which is available on his vimeo site here. The entire program is about 90 minutes, featuring solely the seven speakers. * Tonight I was at a remarkable story-telling session in St. Paul. More later on that. There will be a continuation of the conversation on […]

#1002 – Dick Bernard: Netanyahu's "victory" in the 2015 Israel Election, reflecting back on a 1996 Trip to Israel.

UPDATE Mar 19: A useful analogy of Vietnam in 1975 to Israel today can be read here, entitled, “The End of Purposeful Ambiguity”. It’s long, but sometimes a bit of reading is worthwhile…. If nothing else, read the first paragraphs, and the last. (click to enlarge) Twenty years ago, sometime in 1995, I heard through […]

#1001 – Dick Bernard: When Stupidity Triumphs

On Halloween night, 2000 – it was a Tuesday – my wife and I were in Washington DC, and managed to get a pass to see an evening session of the U.S. House of Representatives. No cameras were allowed, so I have no photos. Down on the floor were two small gaggles of congresspeople, gathered […]

#1000 – Dick Bernard: Some Empty Chairs. Thoughts at 1000

Related posts: March 6, 7, 8 and 9 . (click to enlarge photos) This blog began March 25, 2009. You can read it here. Expressing an opinion on-line wasn’t new to me: that went back to the time immediately after Sep 11, 2001. Perhaps the first was two letters to family and friends in September, […]

#999 – Dick Bernard: A Takeaway from the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Related, here, here,here and here . (click to enlarge photos) Sunday morning was the first day of Daylight Savings Time, so when we convened at 9 a.m. the crowd in the meeting room was somewhat thinner than expected for the usual reasons, including forgetting to “spring ahead”. Forum Executive Director Gina Torry began promptly, with […]