#966 – Dick Bernard: St. Nicholas

A week ago I did a post on the beginning of Advent. In that post, I recommended the book of reflections entitled “All Saints, Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witnesses for Our Time” by Robert Ellsberg, hoping to commit myself to its daily messages. So far, so good. Today’s reflection, on St. Nicholas, seems […]

#965 – Dick Bernard: The Minnesota Orchestral Association Annual Meeting

(click to enlarge) Pre-note, side comment, and recommendation: In light of current events it seems almost superfluous to write about a meeting of the Board of the Minnesota Orchestra. There is a great deal happening on the national scene, most recently the non-indictment of the policeman involved in the death of Eric Garner on Staten […]

#964 – Dick Bernard: Thanksgiving? The implications of Ferguson MO

This will be one of a series which all begin “Thanksgiving?” Thanksgiving for me was at a nursing home in North Dakota, with my last remaining relative from my Mom or Dad’s generation – her brother. His health is such that he’s confined to a wheelchair and is on oxygen, and while he is very […]