#976 – Anne Dunn: Arresting the Alphabet

PRE-NOTE: Anne is a frequent and welcome visitor to this space. For others from Anne Dunn, please note her category at right. It happened not so long ago at the castle in the kingdom of Nosidam that peasants gathered to protest the banning of drums from public ceremonies in the civil commons. Naturally everyone brought […]

#975 – Dick Bernard: Four Popes and Fourteen Presidents*

Those who visit the content of this page frequently come to realize that two of my interests are my Church, the Roman Catholic, and politics as practiced in our American society. So it would come as no surprise that on Christmas Day I was at Basilica of St. Mary for 9:30 Mass. (click to enlarge) […]

#974 – Fran's Thoughts from a Northern Lake

PRE-NOTE: Today is the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce of 1914, an expected yet celebrated temporary lull in the horrors of World War I. Madeline sent along a link to a song celebrating that interlude of peace in a time of war: Christmas in the Trenches, by John McCutcheon. It may take a while […]

#973 – Dick Bernard: "We Wish you a Merry Christmas…."

I’m a predictable creature: at the coffeehouse I frequent most every day, I have a fair number of good friends, but we understand each other. Sometimes we have animated conversations, sometimes I’m just back in my corner, writing letters, thinking about this and that, watching the early morning world go by. Sometimes nearby events catch […]

#972 – Dick Bernard: The Dinner Party

There are several comments to the Cuba post, including a photo montage I’ve linked at the beginning of the Cuba section. See the additions here. (click to enlarge) Thursday evening we were invited to a small dinner party at the home of our neighbor, Don. He lives across the street so the commute was short. […]

#971 – Dick Bernard: Experiencing History. Cuba, Iran, North Korea and other places.

We are, I think, in a very significant time in international history. And it is a good time, but very scary for those who need enemies to be scared of, and dangerous because of a desire to maintain the historical status quo of enemies and war as a solution.. It is a good time to […]

#970 – Dick Bernard: Reflecting on My 1977 Christmas Letter

All best wishes to you and yours at this season, however you recognize it – and that can get confusing. I just came from the post office, which annually offers a large variety of Christmas and holiday themed stamps, hopefully to treat respectfully the largest number of people in this wonderfully diverse country of ours. […]

#969 – Dick Bernard: The Retreat: a time to Quiet

A couple of weeks ago, out of the blue, my friend, Clarence, invited me to a mens retreat with him. I said, “sounds interesting, when is it? Where?” It turned out to be the Franciscan Retreat Center in Prior Lake MN, Friday night to Sunday noon, Dec 12-14. Schedules cleared, I signed up for my […]

#968 – Dick Bernard: War Child, Growing Up In Adolf Hitler's Germany. Annelee Woodstrom

Today, even more so than most, will be a frantic, “CYA”, day in Washington D.C. when the long expected Senate Committee report on the U.S. and the practice of Torture during the Iraq years is released. My favorite blogger summarizes the chatter as it gathered yesterday here. Everyone will have their own opinion. Mine borrows […]

#967 – Dick Bernard: The Wallet, Pearl Harbor Day, 2014

NOTE: November 25, 2016: The Dec. 7, 2016, post will include a link to this post, and more information relating to the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Directly related post here. PRE-NOTE: I have written often, here, about the death of my Uncle Frank, my Dad’s kid brother, on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, […]